Looking after myself with Vionic Footwear

Looking after myself with Vionic Footwear

In my twenties I was diagnosed with having hyper mobile joints after suffering significant pains in my knees and hips. Since then posture has always been key for me to remain pain-free. Back in February I attended an event held by the footwear specialists Vionic which made me think about the part my feet play in my posture and how my shoes could really assist me. Looking after myself with Vionic Footwear has been the way forward.

Looking after myself with Vionic Footwear

The Vionic footwear ranges have been developed with a medical viewpoint, created by a podiatrist in Australia.  They offer a range of shoes, sandals and flip-flops with unique orthotic technology which is bio-mechanically designed to support our feet as we walk.

Looking after myself with Vionic Footwear

This support should help with heel, knee and lower back pain as it helps to correctly align our feet, thus helping overall posture and relieving over-pronation.  I’d not thought about it before, and it had never been mentioned when I saw a specialist years ago, but when I’m standing up both of my feet roll inwards.  Do yours?

Apparently 75% of us have issues with foot, knee and back pain without seeking any medical assistance. We think nothing of making sure our children have the best quality fitted footwear, but for ourselves?  I tend not to wear heels these days anywhere near as much as I used to as I suffer so much with my knees afterwards, but Vionic have a range of wedge shoes with integral FMT technology support specifically designed to work with your foot at an angle.

Vionic originate from Australia but these days are based in USA, launching in UK last year with their SS15 collection. The range can be viewed either online or through independent outlets. A number of the styles can also be bought in half sizes – always a bonus for those of us who like to be awkward.

Looking after myself with Vionic Footwear

Does comfort and support mean a lack of styling?  No, I think you’ll agree in this instance, that’s not the case. I really like their range of sandals, which offer comfort and style, appealing to all ages.

I’m not the biggest fan of trainers, the Vionic range are called fitness shoes and they come in a nice range of colours. But to me they still look like trainers, so could I be persuaded by them?  I’ve been trying the Motion Venture Walkers out over the last couple of weeks. They are designed for people like me, who enjoy walking, they are not running shoes. So I thought I’d put them through their paces, I’ve worn them on the school run, for walks to the park and beyond, and even to Stowe on one of my longer walks.

The fitness shoes have a lightweight breathable mesh finish and are available in 6 different colours.  I do rather like the purple colour of mine.  I can range from a 5-6 in shoes, boots and sandals, and I’ve found with the Vionic range I’m most comfortable in a size 5.  Half sizes are also available which is great news. I wish more shoe companies would follow the lead.

The first time you wear a Vionic shoe or sandal it does feel a little strange as you get used to the insert.  But if you do over-pronate naturally, you suddenly become really aware of it, and how much difference wearing this type of footwear makes.  The support has a deep heel cup, supportive footbed and a flexible midsole. They really do make me feel that I’m walking in a better way, and I’ve had a lot less issues with my knees lately.

If the Motion Venture Walkers looked less like trainers, I know I’d be wearing them all the time, but I’m still not a fan of that style of footwear.  I have been really impressed with the idea of the supports though, and as these are removable, I’ve been using them in my normal footwear on a daily basis, and will continue to do so.

With warmer weather approaching I will certainly be wearing my new Vionic Islander II Toe Post sandals.  The supports form part of the sandal itself, and these are so comfortable.  I’ve been wearing them around the house, to get used to the support and they are going to be a summer essential for me. I love them.

Looking after myself with Vionic Footwear

The Vionic range has something to offer for men and women, and you can see the whole range over on their website, along with pricing information.

disclosure:  I was treated to a lovely meal at the Marco Pierre White Steakhouse in Birmingham and provided with the footwear mentioned in exchange for an honest review.

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