Loose Leaf Tea Pyramids from Twinings

Loose Leaf Tea Pyramids from Twinings

It’s no secret that I do like a good cup of tea, just like my mother I’m a bit of an addict. When I used to travel to far-flung places I always liked to try the local brew.  You may recall my post about a trip I made to Sri Lanka some years back, a tea drinkers paradise. So when I was asked recently if I’d like to try some new loose leaf tea pyramids from Twinings, I could hardly refuse!

Loose Leaf Tea Pyramids from Twinings Loose Leaf Tea Pyramids from Twinings

I received 6 teabags from the range of new loose leaf tea pyramids from Twinings. There are 27 new exciting flavours and these are all normally supplied in packs of 12 tea pyramids.  Prices range from £3.49-£4.49 and I already have my favourites.

The flavours I received were Jasmine Petals & Pearls Green Tea, Bollywood Chai Latte, Moroccan Mint with Rose Green Tea, Apple & Elderflower Green Tea, The Full English Breakfast Blend and Nutty Chocolate Flavour Assam.

Which to try first?  I do like a flavoursome cuppa with my breakfast to start me on the right track, so I opted for the The Full English Breakfast blend with a bit of milk.


This is the perfect cup of tea for me, I really enjoyed it, full of flavour and perfect for school mornings when I need a bit of light relief before rushing Monkey out of the door!

Next up something I knew I would love – Bollywood Chai Latte.  I’m a big fan of Chai tea’s and love a Vanilla Latte, so was looking forward to trying this one.  I prefer Chai tea in the evenings, when Monkey has gone to bed and I can chill out and unwind.


The Bollywood Chai Latte didn’t disappoint, full of Indian spice.  Just what I needed and the aroma carries you off to far away places.

I’m a bit hit and miss with Green Tea’s – some I love, others I’m not so fussed on.  They are a really individual taste.  I wasn’t so keen on the Apple & Elderflower and Jasmine Petal & Pearls Green teas but I know Galina at Chez Maximka rated them highly.  I did enjoy the Moroccan Mint with Rose Green Tea (forgot the photo!) as I love mint tea.  The rose was there in the background of the flavour and I liked this tea – refreshing.

But my absolute favourite has to be the Nutty Chocolate flavour Assam loose leaf pyramid.


I tried this tea for elevensies today and oh wow!  I am in love.  Think liquid walnut whip and you will get the taste I experienced.  It is fab.  I’m a big fan of Assam tea and the mix of this one is just wonderful.  I need more of this!  It will be added to the shopping list, one bag is most definitely not enough.

I may well have to slip a pack of the Redbush Caramel Chai Latte into the shopping trolley too – that sounds amazing.

disclaimer:  I was sent 6 teabags in exchange for an honest review

3 thoughts on “Loose Leaf Tea Pyramids from Twinings

  1. Thank you for the kind mention! I do enjoy flavoured green teas, much more exciting than plain green tea. I love tea, tea is my religion. 🙂

  2. I love a good cuppa but tend to stick with the ‘normal’ tea. These do sound nice though so maybe I will have to be a bit more adventurous!

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