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Lumberjack Workbench – AD sent for review

disclosure:  we were sent this item for the purpose of review

You may remember way back in May, my son and I went to our first ever blogging event. We got to play with an exciting new range of wooden indoor play equipment – kitchens, a fire station, dolls houses, a train table and the Lumberjack Workbench by Plum Products.

Lumberjack Workbench

At the time I wasn’t allowed to tell you all about the products we’d seen as they were still under wraps.  But suffice to say that my son and the other children had a great time.  We were shown the range of indoor play equipment that Plum Products would be launching for Christmas 2013.  He loved the train table and the fire station, but at the time we didn’t have much of a chance to play with the Lumberjack Workbench.

Imagine his surprise when he got home from Nursery School to find this waiting for him recently!

Lumberjack Workbench

I’d been busy while he was at school putting this Lumberjack Workbench together.  The assembly instructions advise that 1 adult should be able to put this workbench together in approximately 45 minutes.  I did it in exactly 45 minutes, and it would have been quicker, but I found it impossible to fit the bottom shelf base if I followed the instructions.  I removed 2 legs and hey presto the shelf went in perfectly, re-fitted the legs and the rest was easy.

Lumberjack Workbench

You will need a screwdriver for this assembly, the set comes with an Allen key. The Lumberjack Workbench is made from responsibly sourced timber and has a lovely feel to it, the components are all well finished and the corners are very slightly rounded.

There are 30 different accessories with this playset including screws, nuts, hammer, vice, spanner and a screwdriver.  It’s a shame it doesn’t come with a saw as my son does love sawing everything in sight!

Lumberjack Workbench Lumberjack Workbench

There’s a storage drawer with sliding lids, a rack and a large tray to store all of the accessories when a little child’s work is done for the day.

Lumberjack Workbench Lumberjack Workbench

The Lumberjack Workbench is sturdy and aimed at children of 3 years and over, my son will be 4 in a couple of weeks so he’s the perfect age for this playset.  Once constructed the workbench is 55cm w x 40cm d (at max) x 75cm h – large enough for a couple of children to be playing at the unit at one time.  With the green handles etc on the accessories, I feel this Lumberjack Workbench would sit as easily in a little girl’s bedroom as it would a little boy’s.

Anyway, enough of the parent stuff, what did he think? He’s been a busy little DIYer ever since he saw his Lumberjack Workbench.  He’s loved tightening nuts and threading screws through the holes in the bench from above and below.  We’ve joined the wooden sections together to make objects including a ‘crane’.  He loves it.  He has a plastic DIY set and he’s integrated that into his Lumberjack Workbench.  Quite handy for me!  Everything all in one place.  It was rather difficult to get photos of him playing with this set that wasn’t blurred as he is rather a manic builder, but these are the best…

I think these photos reflect how much fun he is getting from the Lumberjack Workbench.  He’ll go off with some of the wooden accessories and play, and also play at the workbench itself.  He’s a happy boy, building and fixing.

The Lumberjack Workbench retails for £79.99, which I think is quite reasonable for the size of the unit itself, the quality of the components and the play potential.


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