Lunchtime at The Longwall Beefeater Oxford

Lunchtime at The Longwall Beefeater Oxford

I really haven’t been very organised since Monkey and I returned from Spain.  The thought of a supermarket shop with him never frills me. So with bare cupboards we headed over for lunchtime at The Longwall Beefeater Oxford on Sunday.  No cooking for me meant a little extension to our holiday.

Lunchtime at The Longwall Beefeater Oxford

It was the first time that the 3 of us had been to The Longwall, which is situated next to a Premier Inn in Cowley, on the outskirts of Oxford.  It’s a large restaurant, with seating on a number of levels as well as outdoors, although this didn’t look to be open when we visited.  There’s also ample free parking on-site.

We’d booked lunchtime at The Longwall Beefeater Oxford for 12 o’clock as we like to eat early, but it’s obviously popular and was filling up well, by the time we left.  I liked the layout, it didn’t feel as if anyone was sitting on top of us, and although there was a large family group in one of the booth areas, we still had a quiet time at our table.

Having been to a Beefeater before I knew that a Squash drink was included as part of the kid’s meal deal. So when we were seated I checked that this was still the case when we were asked about drinks.  I do feel that this option should be mentioned on arrival, so many parents must miss out on this deal.

We placed our orders and Monkey got straight down to the serious business of the activity sheet.  This one was all about fruit and veg, perfect for a greengrocer and his son to enjoy.

Before we knew it our starters had arrived.  In fact, I have to say, that the service throughout our meal was spot on.  Even Daddy P was really impressed and that’s saying something.  Monkey, like most children, hates waiting for meals, even with an activity sheet, he wants feeding yesterday!  So to receive food quickly is much appreciated.

Monkey went for Garlic Bread and Cucumber Sticks, Daddy P opted for Loaded Potato Dippers (from the Sunday Lunch menu) and I had the Crispy Flat Cap Mushrooms.

The garlic bread only lasted a few seconds so I guess that tasted good.  I think the two limp, pieces of cucumber were a little less ‘stick like’ than we’d expected, but they soon disappeared too.  Daddy P enjoyed the his Potatoes.  The mushrooms were much larger than I thought they’d be, and I shared them out.  It was nice to try a herby style mushroom starter rather than my normal garlic option, but I wasn’t blown away.  Nice enough though.

Our main meals were served promptly and we were all looking forward to tucking in. The only disappointment for Monkey, he was expecting his Popping Chicken to come with Baked Beans as per the menu.  It arrived with Peas which he will only eat uncooked (I know, weird, but true).  He wanted to get stuck into the chicken and wouldn’t let me change it.  But other than that, we all thoroughly enjoyed our main meals.  Daddy P opted for the Half Roasted Chicken from the Roast menu and I decided to try the Chicken, Bacon and Avocado Burger.

I have to say that my burger option was very tasty, the chicken breast was moist and the whole thing worked really well together.  It was lovely.

Daddy P and I are both pudding fans, he fancied the Salted Toffee Apple Crumble and I opted for the Raspberry Cheesecake on the waiters recommendation.  There was a change to the crumble option – Mixed Berries, but Daddy P loves crumble so that wasn’t going to be too big an issue.  Monkey loves the Funny Face Sundae option.

My cheesecake was devine and Monkey was kept very quiet with his Sundae.  Daddy P enjoyed his crumble but it was a bit strange.  There was a lot of crumble mixture, that looked as if it had just been plonked on top, after cooking the fruit mixture.  It looked and tasted rather dry, although apparently tasted good once folded into the fruit mixture and custard.

All in all we enjoyed the experience of lunchtime at The Longwall Beefeater Oxford. For just over £50 we all had 3 courses and 3 drinks which we didn’t think was too bad value wise either.  The service really was above the norm.  We’d certainly eat there again.

For information on branch locations and menu options pop over to the Beefeater website.

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Lunchtime at The Longwall Beefeater Oxford

disclosure:  we were given a voucher towards the cost of our meal in exchange for an honest review.

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