Magic Cauldron Game

Magic Cauldron Game – review and giveaway

Monkey has been having lots of fun this term at school, everything he’s been learning has been under the theme of Magic. It’s really got him interested in arts, craft, reading, writing and maths this term, which has thrilled me. Long may that continue. Wanting to strike whilst the iron was hot and with Halloween just around the corner, I had a cunning plan. It was time to introduce Monkey to the Magic Cauldron Game from Orchard Toys.

Magic Cauldron Game

The Magic Cauldron Game from Orchard Toys is aimed at children aged between 5-8 years and can be played with 2-4 players.  This is an ideal game to play when working on improving maths skills. Add in a touch of magic and it’s easy for kids to get really excited by this game.

Included in the game are 4 cauldron cards, 40 spell ingredient cards (with a spooky image on one side and a number on the other) and 40 ‘magic’ sum cards (with a sum on one side and a little bit of spooky magic on the other!).

Magic Cauldron Game

The aim of the game is to be the first player to fill their cauldron with the spooky magic ingredients.  To achieve this, players work on their addition, subtraction and multiplication skills.

In typical Orchard Toys style, the graphics are just wonderful for this game and, just as you would expect, the play pieces are made from thick card which will last a considerable amount of play.

Magic Cauldron Game

To start the game, the youngest player picks up one of the spell ingredient cards and turns it over to release a number.

Magic Cauldron Game

They then need to find a sum on the magic sum cards that they think will give them the same number as shown on their ingredient card.  This could involve addition, subtraction or multiplication and there is likely to be more than one sum card that could provide the correct answer.

Magic Cauldron Game

The Magic Cauldron Game has been great for helping Monkey concentrate on his maths and prove that he knows the correct answer.  How can you prove it?  Well, this is the ‘magic’ part of the game, which has also been a huge hit with my son.

Once you’ve selected the sum card that you think gives the correct answer, turn it over and rub the heat sensitive ghost and see what’s revealed.

Magic Cauldron Game

If the answer matches, you can discard the sum card, turn your ingredient card over and place in your cauldron.  Your potion is taking shape.

Magic Cauldron Game

Play then passes to the next player.  If the sum doesn’t provide the correct answer, the sum card is back in play, and the ingredient card is placed picture side up on the bottom of the spell pile, and play passes on.

We’ve been playing Magic Cauldron Game most days since it arrived, and Monkey just loves it.  The game has now gone into school for the rest of term so that his class mates can play with it as part of their Magic Topic.  I have a feeling quite a few of them might be asking their parents for this for a Halloween or Christmas treat!

Priced at £11.75, I think this game is a wonderful way to get children engaged with maths and it’s certainly worked magic on Monkey!

disclaimer:  we were sent this game in exchange for an honest review.


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Magic Cauldron Game

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