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Magic Choc – a surprise for Granny

Magic ChocWhen I visited the Spring Fair in Birmingham last month, I made a point of visiting the i-Spy stand.  I’d heard of them in the days of #IzziwizziKids with all the Gelli Baff antics, and was interested to see that they are also the team behind Magic Choc.

Magic ChocI came away with a Chocolate Picture Maker kit aimed at children 4 years and over.  The lady on the stand did tell me that a 4 year old Monkey would definitely need some assistance.  I knew he’d love to try making a picture out of chocolate, and if it wasn’t perfect, I really wouldn’t mind.

The Magic Choc kit contains a tray, milk, white and dark chocolate sachets, instructions as well as some template ideas for the picture.  You can also download templates from the website for free.

Magic ChocAs I knew the kit would probably be a bit of a challenge for Monkey, I decided we’d go for an easy level template, and then I had a brainwave!  We would make a surprise for Granny’s 70th Birthday.

The 100% Belgian milk, dark and white chocolate contains no nasties and is gluten free.  The instructions are really easy to follow, and the templates are all marked in order of difficulty.

As soon as I saw the balloon template, I knew exactly what we could do.  I added a ’70’ to the template.  Remember that any writing has to be written backwards, to achieve the desired effect with the finished article.

You place the chocolate sachets in a bowl of warm (not hot) tap water and let the chocolate drops melt for 3-5 minutes.  We decided that I would draw the outline of the balloon and the 70, and Monkey would help with the rest.  Once I got started with the outline I was fine really. Monkey had a great time with the rest.  We had some chocolate left over, so we filled a few of my own moulds too.

We put our creation in the fridge for 30 minutes and then turned it out.

DSCN0140 Magic Choc

Of course, if I’d have thought about it, I should have taken the kit to Spain and made it there with Monkey.  But we’d never have been able to keep it a secret from Granny.  So I flipped the chocolate back into the tray and covered it with tin foil, placed in an insulated bag with an ice block and packed it in Monkey’s suitcase.

We surprised Granny on her 70th birthday, and she loved it.  Needless to say, Monkey had to help her with the tasting.  Apparently it was good!

Magic ChocFor £3.99 for a one bar pack, I think this is a great activity for a child, I can certainly see Monkey wanting to try the Rocket template in months to come.  You can also buy larger pack quantities if you have siblings etc.

There are also a Chocolate Model Making kit and a Chocolate Coin kit.  I think the either, would be a great idea for a kid’s birthday party.  I will be making a mental note to look these out later in the year.

disclaimer:  we were given this kit for the purpose of an honest review.

10 thoughts on “Magic Choc – a surprise for Granny

  1. This looks like a really fun thing to do and a great handmade gift. Great that you managed to get it to Spain in one piece! I think it sounds like really good value for money too.

  2. When I came to the end of the review I expected it to be more than £3.99, a great personalised gift. Definitely something we would try in the future! x

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