Magical Tree Fu Tom 3D Adventures

Magical Tree Fu Tom 3D Adventures – App review

Today saw the launch of a great new app for all Tree Fu Tom lovers out there! Magical Tree Fu Tom 3D Adventures app is available for download for iPhone, iPad and iPad Touch users now.

Magical Tree Fu Tom 3D AdventuresMagical Tree Fu Tom 3D Adventures app features cutting edge technology which allows children to fly Tom and Twigs at home.  I have to say that even I LOVE this app.  I’ve played with it as much as Monkey over the weekend, as we were allowed a sneak preview.

Developed by Crane Media and FreMantleMedia Kids & Family Entertainment, the app uses ground breaking SLAM (Simultaneous Localisation and Mapping) augmented reality technology, that allows users to fly Tom in real world surroundings.

Put simply, we’ve launched this app and have sat with a 3D Tree Fu Tom on one of Monkey’s books.  He’s flown, done Big World Magic and kept us both thoroughly amused.  We’ve had a ball!  It’s brilliant, it’s easy to do, you and your kids will love it!  My photographs don’t do this app justice at all. This takes 3D into a whole new dimension (sorry for the pun!) and you don’t need those annoying glasses either.

Children can fully immerse themselves in the 3D experience by taking photos and making videos alongside their heroes.  By allowing Tom to magically appear in their own world the app encourages pre-schoolers to use their imagination through creative play and storytelling.

Now you all know that I’m a techno dinosaur, but this app has amazed us all.  For £2.99 I’d recommend it to anyone with children aged 4 years and over.  Monkey was spellbound when Tom appeared on his book, when he could move him and see him from different angles.

Magical Tree Fu Tom 3D Adventures Magical Tree Fu Tom 3D Adventures Magical Tree Fu Tom 3D Adventures Magical Tree Fu Tom 3D Adventures

You can see that Tree Fu Tom is having fun on the cover of Monkey’s Tractor library book as the Tutorial talked Monkey and I through all the great things we could do with him.  We were addicted.  It is fairly easy for a 4 year old to control the movements, Monkey managed ok.

Now if I haven’t already convinced you to buy this app, you also get three games included too, which help develop movement and co-ordination skills.  The games are:

Nectar Collector – where you help the bees collect their honey.

Magical Tree Fu Tom 3D AdventuresSlimeweed Defence – where you tilt your device to defend against the slime spitting weeds.  Finally Aphid Rescue – where you trace your finger around a pattern to activate the ‘Super Net Go Spell’.  Monkey loved this game.

We’ve had so much fun with Magical Tree Fu Tom 3D Adventures over the weekend, I’m really impressed with it.  Buy it! Nothing more I can say.

disclaimer:  we were given free access to this app, in exchange for an honest review.

6 thoughts on “Magical Tree Fu Tom 3D Adventures – App review

  1. That App sounds great. My son loved Tree Fu Tom but has started to grow out of it now. Can’t wait until my daughter starts enjoying CBeebies and I can start playing with all of these again!

  2. Another app which makes me sure we need to buy some kind of iOS device. I know Bud would adore this app, it seems like a really clever use of the characters, and very engaging too.

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