Magnetic Construction fun with Playmags

Magnetic Construction fun with Playmags

Back in January I came across something at Toy Fair, which I knew instantly would go down well with my son.  Monkey is nearly 7, and his love of all things building, shows no sign of waning.   He’s been having magnetic construction fun with Playmags for the last couple of weeks, and he really loves it.

Magnetic Construction fun with Playmags

We received the 60 piece set which comes with a wheeled car base, 2 x Large Square, 31 x Small Square, 4 x Windows, 10 x Small Triangle, 4 x Medium Triangle, 8 x Tall Triangle and an instruction booklet with build suggestions.

Magnetic Construction fun with PlaymagsAimed at children aged 3 years and over, the guide shows basic flat shapes for beginners, working through to more complete 3D shapes for older children.  My only niggle with the instruction book is that it’s clearly a ‘universal’ book covering the entire range.  Although it’s great to see the possibilities, it’s not so great when your child wants to build something and your set doesn’t include the relevant components.  A set related guide would be a great addition in my opinion.

But for Monkey, he takes a quick look at the instructions, will build something from it and then he’s off on his own adventure.

Monkey was in his element as soon as he opened the box. Magnetic Construction fun with Playmags has been a daily event since we received this set.  Each shape has magnets which can attract on all sides to form all manner of objects.  The construction is sturdy and Monkey is a really big fan.

Monkey’s loved the fact he can build up and out and that he has enough components to build various machines at the same time. All sorts of weird and wonderful items have been built, they stay together well and have been added to and modified as tome has gone on.

As the Playmags can be built in cubes, we’ve also had Lego and Playmobil taking up residence in Monkey’s house, which then became a hospital and then his Schleich animals moved into the Farm Barn.  His imagination has run wild with this set and I’ve been really impressed with its versatility.

The parts are well made, and if anything, over packaged.  There were a number of polystyrene spacing elements within the outer box when we initially opened the box.  Once these were discarded the box could be half the size, which would make storage a little easier.  But that’s far outweighed by how much we love this set.  It would be great in a school setting too. Magnetic Construction fun with Playmags will be keeping Monkey busy in the months ahead.

For more information on the range in general, pop over to the Playmags website.  I’ve spotted a remote control set which might just have to be put on Monkey’s Christmas list.  I’ve included my Amazon Affiliate link below for your information, in case you’re interested in trying this set out too.

disclosure:  we were sent this item in exchange for an honest review

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