Making a change with Treasure House

Making a change with Treasure House

I don’t know about your children, but my eight year old grows at an alarming rate.  Just this last week he’s gone up yet another show size and I honestly think his legs grow overnight.  He seems to be growing out of clothes so fast, and things are barely worn before they’re just too small.  I begrudge spending a fortune on clothes that will be worn today and just too small tomorrow.  Well we’ve been making a change with Treasure House recently, and saving pennies along the way.

Making a change with Treasure House

So who are Treasure House?  Well, they are the first UK online service where parents can buy and sell pre-owned childrenswear.  Everything needs to be in good quality condition, but it’s a great way to pass on clothes that have been outgrown, receive credit and buy something that will fit your kids.

I’ve often tried selling my son’s clothes on local selling sites, and it’s a faff isn’t it.  Taking the photos, listing, waiting for buyers to collect, who then let you down, and I’m often selling things for a fraction of what I paid for them.  With Treasure House you just wash, press and pack your clothes in a box or request one of their free clean-out bags.  Then either take the bag/box to your nearest drop off location or arrange for a courier to collect (all sorted via the Treasure House website). Treasure House accept clothing in sizes 0-16 years. You can also calculate how much credit you are likely to receive per item using their calculator.  So for example, if I was sending then a pair of good quality Next jeans aged 7, then I would be likely to receive £7 store credit.  That’s more than I could hope to sell them for locally, and less hassle. Once your goods have been inspected you’ll be awarded credits on your account, to then be able to buy something yourself.

Making a change with Treasure House doesn’t need to involve sending clothes in for credit either.  You can browse their collection and purchase via card or PayPal payments.

I was looking for some new clothes for my ever-growing son and picked a selection of items in 8-9 and 9-10 sizes.  I wasn’t familiar with the brands I’d selected so was a little unsure of the sizing, so hoped I’d covered all bases.  The site is fairly easy to use, you can filter by gender, size, colour, category and condition (Treasure House do sell brand new items as well as pre-loved clothing).

I processed my order and awaited the arrival of my son’s new clothes.  Delivery was prompt, the items arrived folded and pressed, and I also received a new bag for any items I wished to send in for credit.

First impressions?  I was really impressed by the quality of each item, again, as I didn’t know the brands I’d ordered, I wasn’t entirely sure what I’d be getting.  Not only was the quality good, but the condition of each garment is excellent, they don’t look pre-owned at all, no wear marks on the knees of the trousers or anything.  Very impressed.

Making a change with Treasure House

The only thing I do wish is that there was a little more information provided on the description of items, specifically trousers.  I’d taken it for granted that the trousers would have elasticated waists and two of the three pairs I’d ordered didn’t.  If I’d have realised, I’d have filtered those choices out, as my son has long legs but quite a small waist.  But other than that the service surpassed my expectations.

It certainly wasn’t long before my son was making a change with Treasure House, and showing off his new clothes.

Making a change with Treasure House

He’s a happy boy, and so am I.  He’s got some lovely new outfits, all in excellent condition, at a fraction of the price I’d have spent on the High Street.  So if you’re sorting through your kids old clothes and looking for some new styles for them, then why not think about making a change with Treasure House and trying out their service for yourself?

disclosure:  we received a story credit to place our order in exchange for an honest review


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  1. HI there. I’ve been looking at Treasurehouse but…how did you get that you’ll receive £7 for Next jeans? Because when I use their calculator I am given the answer of £2. I’ve tried other clothing items and am being given equally low figures so…am wondering. Thanks!

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