Making friends with Furby Connect

Making friends with Furby Connect #furbyconnect

I was 30 when the original Furby toy first made an appearance.  It was a crazy I missed out on for myself, but remember friends children all being obsessed with them.  Move on nearly 20 years and not only has my life changed, but so has Furby!  Monkey has been making friends with Furby Connect recently, and we are both rather smitten.

Making friends with Furby Connect

Hasbro have just released the latest generation – Furby Connect, which is aimed at children aged 6 years and over.  Furby can now interact with the Furby Connect World app for more fun and games.

Our Furby Connect is Blue, but it is also available in Pink, Purple and Teal.  You will require 4 x AA batteries to operate him.  As well as being truly interactive these days, Furby Connect is able to sleep all night, or for as long you want him to!  He comes complete with a Sleep Mask, place this on his head and he falls asleep in seconds, dreams of electric sheep and only wakes up again when you take it off.

Making friends with Furby Connect has been a big hit here.  It’s fair to say that in the time our little furry friend has been with us, Monkey has become quite smitten.  To wake him up, take off his sleep mask, pull his tail or move his antenna.  Wait for him to start talking about his dreams and that’s it, you’re ready for fun.

Making friends with Furby Connect

It’s been quite lovely to watch boy and Furby connect, each Furby is unique. Our Furby loves to burp and fart so it’s really been a match made in heaven.  It’s a boy thing isn’t it!

Monkey’s school has a theme each month and for October the children have all been asked to think about feelings.  How these are expressed, how they can impact on others and how they themselves are feeling.  Furby Connect arrived at the perfect time for us, as he also has feelings.  He can feel scared, happy, sad and excited. So Monkey and I have talked a lot about how he is feeling and how Furby is feeling at any given time.

Making friends with Furby Connect

Our Furby Connects loves to be cuddled, tickled, stroked and even shaked.  He reacts by talking, Furbish and a bit of English.  His LCD eyes are rather amazing and have over 150 different expressive animations, his ears move up and down and his antenna lights up and changes colour.

Making friends with Furby Connect

With the wonders of modern technology and blue tooth, Furby even knows what day it is.  We are eagerly waiting to hear his thoughts when it’s Christmas Day.  I wish there was a way of programming him to know when Monkey’s birthday is.

Making friends with Furby Connect has also had added value as you can extend play with the free Furby Connect World app.  It’s available to download from the AppStore and Google Play.  Sadly the app doesn’t work with our iPad mini, as you need a version 2 or above, but works perfectly well on my iPhone.  It’s also worth mentioning that there are in-app purchases available.  I don’t let Monkey buy anything when he’s using apps, and this hasn’t stopped him having fun with it.

Within the app you can name your Furby, keep him fed and watered, hatch Furblings, play games and even go to the disco together. Seeing Monkey and Furby dancing and singing along to the in-app videos has been hilarious, although he won’t let me share the footage.

Furby even goes to the toilet interactively, you can imagine the squeals of delight here, when that was discovered. The app is updated weekly, bringing fresh new entertainment for Furby to interact with.  He’s always learning too.

Within the game play, you can hatch out a range of Furblings, get to different levels of the game play to unlock different character traits and visit different areas of the virtual village. You can leave the game at any point and it remembers where you were when you rejoin.

Monkey’s loved making friends with Furby Connect, and has taken to him above and beyond my expectations.  The batteries are holding out well too.

Priced around £99.99 I can see this toy coming home to a number of new homes over the Christmas period.  I’ve included my Amazon Affiliate links for your reference (as they are currently 25% cheaper there!).

disclosure:  we were sent the item mentioned in exchange for an honest review

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