Marley Spoon Family plan

Marley Spoon Family plan

You may recall that I reviewed for the home menu delivery service Marley Spoon back in May.  Well since then, the options available have expanded and last month the Marley Spoon Family plan was launched, with menus specifically with families in mind.  They asked us if we’d like to try a couple of the menu options out.  Of course! It can be so nice to let someone else plan dinner for me for a change, and provide all of the ingredients too!

Marley Spoon Family plan

The Marley Spoon Family Plan provides 2-4 meals in one delivery, each meal contains 4-5 servings.  You select your required delivery day from Tuesday, Wednesday or Friday.  If you live outside of London, your delivery will arrive between 9-6pm by UPS courier.  If you happen to live within London you can choose a delivery from 8-10am or 6-10pm.

The delivery box is insulated and chilled so it’s not an issue if you want it to be left in a safe place if you are out at work all day. The price per meal ranges from £4.35 to £6.00 depending on whether you select 2,3 or 4 meals per week.

Marley Spoon Family plan

You receive all the ingredients for your meals, already measured out (if needs be) and you only need to add in your own olive oil, salt and pepper to any meal.  You also receive recipe cards with clear instructions and cooking times.

Marley Spoon Family plan

I’d picked two meal options I thought would go down well with Monkey – Rich Beef One Pot and Chicken and Roasted Veg.

Both meals were easy to prepare, cook and serve in less than an hour.  I should have thought about the servings with the Rich Beef One Pot and only used one of the two bags of pasta provided! One bag would have been sufficient for the three of us, a lesson learnt, don’t always follow the instructions to the letter.  We all felt the dish could have done with a little more flavour for our taste but it was an enjoyable meal none the less.  The Chicken and Roasted Veg was a big hit all round.  Monkey wasn’t keen on the roasted beetroot, but Daddy P and I both loved them and I’ll be adding them to future roast dinners too.

The produce is good quality and the service is really easy to use.  I’d certainly consider using the Marley Spoon Family Plan delivery service in future.

disclaimer:  we were given a free Family Plan delivery in exchange for an honest review


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