Maxi Micro T-Bar Foldable Scooter

Maxi Micro T-Bar Foldable Scooter – time for a change

When we first started looking at scooters a few years ago everyone I asked pointed us Micro-Scooters and their Mini Micro, perfect for a 3-year-old Monkey.  I liked the idea of the 3 wheels and knew that would work well with my rather cautious son.  So one was duly purchased and over the last 2 and half years it has certainly seen some mileage.  Monkey loved it from the moment it arrived.  But he’s nearly 6 now, and over the last few months I’ve realised we really needed to move to the next stage of scootering, he’s growing fast and outgrowing his trusty steed.  We’ve been taking scooting to the next stage with Micro-Scooters and their wonderful new Maxi Micro T-Bar Foldable Scooter.  This scooter is aimed at children aged 6-12 years.

Maxi Micro T-Bar Foldable Scooter

I knew that Monkey would still prefer a 3 wheeled scooter when we moved him up to the next stage of scooter, and when I saw this new Maxi Micro has a folding mechanism, the choice was made.  Having seen the quality of Monkey’s old scooter, I knew I would have no issues with this one. It would see him enjoy many adventures to come, AND would fit easily in the boot of the car.  We’ve always scootering locally, now Monkey can scooter far and wide.  Happy Days.

When you receive the Maxi Micro T-Bar Foldable Scooter you just need to attach the T-Bar handlebar to the footplate – it takes seconds.

The T-Bar handlebar is adjustable, from 67-93cms by using the height adjuster just underneath the handlebar. It’s very easy to raise and lower, until your child feels comfortable.

My son being the child he is, took a little getting used to the new scooter on the block.  It wasn’t a case of not liking it, or not getting on it, it was more a case of needing a little time to say goodbye to his trusty old friend.  I do love that boy.

Jungle Croc Mini Micro Bag

Mummy, my horse can stay can’t he?  Yes Monkey, your horse can stay. He was ready to say goodbye, ready for his new adventures to begin, ready to enjoy his new Maxi Micro T-Bar Foldable Scooter.

So I have a happy Monkey, but he was even happier when I explained that his new trusty stead would be able to come on further flung adventures with us.  Look what it can do.

The Maxi Micro T-Bar Foldable Scooter is priced at £114.95 and can be found on the Micro-Scooters website, along with the rest of their ranges including some lovely scooter accessories.

We also received the Jungle Micro Safety Helmet (priced at £24.95) as well as the Jungle Croc Mini Micro Bag (priced at £12.95).

We received the medium-sized helmet (53-58cm) which is just a bit too big for Monkey at the moment, but it’s lovely and you’ll certainly be spotting that on my Instagram feed in the years to come! The Mini Micro Bag can be attached to the front of the scooter (all attachments and instructions are supplied with it) but Monkey prefers to use it as a little backpack.  He’s all set for some wonderful adventures now.  Let the next stage of scooter journey begin.

disclaimer:  we were sent the items mentioned in exchange for an honest review

10 thoughts on “Maxi Micro T-Bar Foldable Scooter – time for a change

  1. My boy loved his micro until another scooter came into his life! I love that this is foldable as that was the one problem I had with the maxi that you couldn’t just chuck it in the boot. I hope monkey will have as much fun on this stead and can see you have lots of adventures coming your way.

  2. I cannot get my son to go on his scooter, although since starting school he has mentioned trying it again-we have the same Micro Scooter as Monkey did-maybe he can show my son how to scoot the next time we’re down your way! I do like that the bigger one folds down too.

  3. We need to upgrade N’s scooter. He’s still using his ‘first’ one but it’s too small now, so he usually tries to steal mine which is too big. I’ve been looking at the microscooters, although he’ll want a 2 wheel one because that’s what he’s used to. I’m just loathe to buy one at the price they are because he can only scoot when we’re out because we’re all gravel at home. I’m not sure he’ll get the use out of it. But I like the lightweight-ness of them

  4. Hi, great little write up about the scooter, exactly what Im going through at the moment, although I need some advice.
    I’m looking to buy my little man the maxi scooter, but just can’t decide on the normal or foldable one..I think my concern is that the foldable one wouldn’t be as strong or as rigid as the normal version and that the foldable joint would wear out..
    can you let me know what your experiences of it are..
    I really like the idea of the foldable one, as I think that feature would make it so much easier to carry when the little one isn’t using it..
    any thoughts would be greatly appreciated.

    1. Hi Richard, I don’t have experience of the standard Maxi scooter, but have of the Micro Scooter range, and I have no doubt that the quality and wear of the foldable version is excellent. We’ve certainly not experienced any issues and I’ve not regretted going for this option. Hope this helps?

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