Mayka Toy Block Tape

Mayka Toy Block Tape #rainbowtoyawards

We were contacted recently by the team at Rainbow Toy Awards to look at one of the nominated products, Mayka Toy Block Tape.  The tape comes in a range of nine different colours, with lengths of 1 metre with two studs, and 4 metres with either 2 or 4 studs.

Mayka Toy Block Tape

I was really impressed with the colour range on offer with the Mayka Toy Block Tape and the 4 stud option on the 4 metre tape offers greater flexibility from other brick tapes we’ve looked at.

The packaging looks good, but in my opinion it’s a bit of a pain to open as you have to cut 4 little plastic tabs on the back of the packaging.  A child would struggle to open the case by themselves and I think a resealable case would be a better option personally.

Mayka Toy Block Tape

Once inside, the Mayka Toy Block Tape is spooled, making it easy for children to cut the length they want without unwrapping the whole length of tape.

The silicon tape is thicker than other brick tapes we’ve come across but just as flexible, although my son much prefers to use this sort of tape in flat construction.

Mayka Toy Block Tape

Mayka Toy Block Tape can be stuck to non porous surfaces like glass and plastic, but it’s always worth doing a patch test first if you are unsure, and the product should not be used on painted surfaces.  We’ve found this tape to stick brilliantly to the plastic surfaces we’ve tried, and it’s easy to peel off and stick in a different position.

Another feature we’ve liked are the cutting guidelines, always useful to have, especially for children.

Mayka Toy Block Tape

I would say that the Mayka Toy Block Tape is really designed for use with lightweight Lego or other brick constructions.  My 7 year old son tried to fix one of his Lego Speed Champion cars upside down on his crane using the Mayka Toy Block Tape and it wouldn’t hold the weight.  The studs seem shallower than other tapes we’ve looked at, so the grip isn’t quite as we’d hoped.  Saying that, he’s quite happily had his mini figures working at great heights and some lighter constructions too.

Overall I think the Mayka Toy Block Tape works well for children, on smaller scale creations and my son has certainly enjoyed the flexibility it’s offered.  I’ve included my Amazon Affiliate links below for your reference.

disclosure:  we were sent the items mentioned in order to review the nominee for the Rainbow Toy Awards 2017, our thoughts, as always, remain our own honest opinions

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