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Mclaggan Smith Mugs – a review and giveaway

McLaggan Smith MugsWith Easter just around the corner you might be thinking of a different present this year. Mclaggan Smith Mugs Ltd have some lovely mug available that would make for a great alternative to the normal chocolate egg.

Mclaggan Smith Mugs is a Scottish based, family run company established in 1974. All of our mugs are manufactured to a high quality and are hand decorated and fired in Scotland.  

Mclaggan Smith MugsYou might recognise that the mugs above are designed by Quentin Blake.

We received a lovely set of 3 Farm Animal, fine bone china mugs recently, which would make great presents. With an Oink! Quack! and a Cluck! these particular mugs are designed by Madeleine Floyd.

Mclaggan Smith MugsThese Mclaggan Smith Mugs are beautifully designed and come really well packaged.   They are hand decorated to order and then fired in the kilns in Scotland. There are some super designs on the website for all sorts of occasions.  I’ve seen a dragonfly mug which I particularly like!

The mugs are priced from £9.00 each for a 250ml mug, excluding P&P.  You can also add personalised text to the handles (up to 30 characters) for £5.00 per mug.

I’ve decided to give Monkey the Quack! mug for Easter, filled with some goodies.

Mclaggan Smith MugsI think this set of three mugs would make a wonderful gift and I’m thrilled to be able to offer one lucky reader the chance to own all three of the mugs featured.  Complete the rafflecopter for your chance to win the set of three Madeleine Floyd mugs – good luck!


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The giveaway will close on 22nd April 2014 at midnight.

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245 thoughts on “Mclaggan Smith Mugs – a review and giveaway

  1. I’d have our names on the mugs so that there were no arguments about who they belonged to, especially if one got broken!!

  2. I would have ‘No longer in my arms but forever in my heart…Ceiran and Connor’. I lost two of my triplets – Ceiran, aged 2 days, and Connor, aged 5 weeks and 6 days. This is what it says on their headstone. I would love it on a pretty mug. Thank you x

  3. I would have our names on them. It would make it more fun for my H as he has to help me do everything but gets frustrated that he’s not allowed to do the hot drinks.

  4. I would love the childrens names printed on them for keepsake or even better the adults, as they would look after them better

  5. I’d have ‘tea – white – one sugar’ for me, and a similar one for each member of the family. 🙂

  6. I would have one with nani on and the other 2 would have the names of my grandchildren on each one. That way we would have 3 special cups for when they come to visit nani 😀

  7. I’d love my 3 dogs names on each as they all like a cup of tea in the morn, now they could have their own mugs

  8. I would simply have a ‘B’ on – the first letter of our surname and it’s become a bit of a moniker for us, we use it (or a picture of a bee) everywhere now.

  9. I would have my children’s names on the mugs, it would stop the quarrelling over who has which cup or who has drunk out of the others! 😀

  10. S’mine because that is what my daughter used to say to us when she wanted a mouthful of our drinks!

  11. I think mine and my other half’s names as he seems to wander off with my mug of tea, lazy swine!!!!

  12. I would have ikkle, squish and Squires. My username on most sites and nickname despite being 6ft 2 is ikkle, I call my OH by his surname Squires a lot and Squish is our son.

  13. I would have My husbands name on it John, chief gardener, as he wont let anyone near his vegetable patch

  14. I’d get my mother’s name and maybe a quote from her favourite film, notting hill! x

  15. i`d have Little Miss Buttons on mine , this is my nickname as i am mad about buttons, sewing and all things crafty x

  16. I would put everyone’s catchphrase on them eg Mum’s would say “Shut Up” which she always shouts at the telly

  17. I would have Mummy Daddy and Matthew, there are three in my little family and the competition is for 3 mugs so no arguments in our house if I win lol

  18. I would have milk, no sugar…… that way I will always get my tea just how I like it!!!

  19. I’d have our names printed on them. I also quite like the idea of printing the names of our three beautiful cats on them, but they prefer drinking from their bowls :op

  20. I’d have a caricature of each person put on them. It would be funny and we’d always know whose mug was whose.

  21. I would have specifics printed on it like … Zoe takes her coffee medium, with milk and one sugar and her Tea strong with milk.

  22. I think I would probably pop on “with love from ….. (our names)” and give them as gifts.

  23. Names on mugs with instructions like Miriam. Tea 1 sugar with milk or Coffee 2 sugars with milk. This would make it easier for someone else to makethe tea or coffee as they would just have to look at the cup to see who takes what in their tea or coffee.

  24. I’d have something to do with the wizard of oz and me, nice way to get my name on the credits 🙂

  25. Yeah, I agree with most of the other posters. I’d have my name on it so no one would try and take my lovely new mug.

  26. i would have lots of positive messages/quotes. What a better way to start the day than with a huge smile on your face.

  27. I’d have my name and “Only for coffee” printed on mine so no one else borrowed it for their soup, hot chocolate, etc.

  28. I would have names on – the only reason being i cannot stand the thought of “communal mugs”. I can only drink out of my own mug and would never touch it again if someone drank out of it.

  29. I’ve been thinking and thinking, and I actually prefer them as they are. But then, my daughter’s name on the duck one maybe, she’s never found anything with Rachael spelled right.

  30. I’d have my name printed on it- it’s an unusual spelling so i’ve never seen an item to buy with it spelled correctly

  31. Each mug would have a different emotion on it, so however you are feeling you have a mug to match 🙂

  32. seeing as I’m the only one who drinks hot drinks in our house, I’d have my friends names on them!!

  33. I would have different seasons on mine so spring would be daffodils n little chicks , Summer with palm trees and nice sunset , Autumn Pumpkins & Winter , Snowman & Robins

  34. I would have my daughters’ names and dates of birth so they would have a special mug to use for themselves

  35. I would have the words Chilax to remind me that’s what I am supposed to be doing when drinking my tea!

  36. I would put daddy for me, mummy for my wife and Benjamin for my son. Our own bone china cups – as Benjamin favourite drink is redbush tea so would have his own cup. At the moment it’s just our normal cups which are all the same

  37. I’d have the names of three of my family members on them. They’ve moved to the country and keep chickens (so far). I’d love to give them these as a nice surprise. They always have people staying so could do with their own named mugs!

  38. Hello i would love names printed on our mugs at home! just so we know whos cup is whos 🙂

  39. Different coloured hearts in pastal colours including pink, lilac, yellow, blue and green

  40. I would have my horse’s name put on the mug because I can never have a cuppa without sharing it with him.

  41. A feel good phrase – such as Smile makes people wonder what you are up to! Treat others as you would like to be treated…etc

  42. Our names, as we are always mixing up our mugs and I often take a sip of my husbands sickly sweet coffee, yuck!

  43. I’d get mugs printed for all the staff at work 🙂 everyone could have one with their name and a personalised picture maybe x

  44. I’d have Amber and Ethan for my twins. Mark for their daddy and granny for my mum. With the date of our wedding next year to commemorate

  45. I’d just have our names on them – especially since my daughter has never had her own mug 🙂

  46. I’d have mum’s mug – as I hate them using my mug – or maybe it should read mum is a mug lmao

  47. I’d have “tea – just milk please” printed on mine, so I don’t need to keep reminding my colleagues what I take in my tea lol x

  48. I would have our names on them so when i go round the house picking up mugs from the strangest of places, i would know who left it there

  49. I would have my name and how I want my tea or coffee, because my partner NEVER remembers!!!!!!!

  50. Mine would say ‘Serena is a Star’ Why not? If I don’t blow my own trumpet then who else will?

  51. I would have my date of birth, my partner’s date of birth and the date that we met – so we would have a mug each and a spare one to share

  52. I would have my name and my mother in laws names on them, so that when she pops round for a cup of tea she could drink it in style!

  53. I think that I would come up with a witty quote that would uplift me everyday or inspire like “Happiness is found when you enjoy being you”

  54. I would have our names put on and make sure nobody used mine, if anyone used it or broke it they would be in trouble 🙂

  55. I would have No sugar on one for my other half, And 1 sugar on mine so we didn’t get mixed up.

  56. i would have nannie on one and grandad on another saying love from my 5 children, so my parents have their own beautiful mugs for when they visit 🙂

  57. I would have our names on them so I don’t keep ending up with the tea with sugar in it when my lad makes us a brew. lol x

  58. I think I would just have our names on them, so then I could have my own mug, hopefully!

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