Mega Machine Record Breakers

Mega Machine Record Breakers – sent for review and giveaway

My son loves facts and figures, so the new Mega Machine Record Breakers book by Anne Rooney, published through Carlton Books on Thursday, is just perfect for him.

Mega Machine Record Breakers

The 112 page paperback book is aimed at children aged 7 years and over, and is packed full of information which any machine lover will enjoy. From the safest car to the longest bus, Mega Machine Record Breakers is crammed full of details on a wide variety of vehicles.

Mega Machine Record Breakers

Each page is full of photographs and small chunks of facts for kids to enjoy, some vehicles will be familiar, and others like these motorbikes may be a little different from the ones they are used to seeing on the roads.

As you all know, my son is a lover of trains, and he was totally absorbed with the pages relating to his favourite mode of transport.  He’d have me booking flights to Japan in a flash, given half a chance, so he could try out the fastest passenger train for himself.

Mega Machine Record Breakers

He knows quite a bit about the Trans-Siberian Railway, but he didn’t know about the shortest train trip in the world.  Did you?

Mega Machine Record Breakers

We do like our cars in this household, and although we do particularly like our Ferrari’s, we can both appreciate the beauty of other brands.  The Bugatti Veyron is one such car, neither of us can quite imagine driving along with a top speed of 268mph, but wouldn’t it be fun to try?

Mega Machine Record Breakers

My son has been lucky enough to see a few of the land speed record vehicles at various museums, and their achievements really are quite something.

Mega Machine Record Breakers

We certainly haven’t come across the biggest land vehicle though, so Mega Machine Record Breakers has been a good way for my son to learn all about this beast of a machine.

Mega Machine Record Breakers

It’s a little know fact that Daddy P used to own a hovercraft, and we’ve been to watch them racing before.  We’ve yet to persuade my son to try a journey on one yet though.

Mega Machine Record Breakers

He’s been fascinated by the NASA X-43A and the thought of hypersonic travel.

Mega Machine Record Breakers

All in all, Mega Machine Record Breakers is a great book for children who love their facts.  There’s lots of information about vehicles we’ve not come across before and it’s thoroughly entertained my son.  Priced at £9.99, the book is available to pre-order from Carlton Books now.

disclosure:  we were sent the item mentioned in exchange for an honest review.

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Mega Machine Record Breakers worth £9.99

108 thoughts on “Mega Machine Record Breakers – sent for review and giveaway

  1. When I was younger, it was a motor bike, for the speed and the freedom. Not, it’s a car, which comes with climate control and comfort.

  2. I love a very high crane, I would love to be high up in one and move stuff around, must be great to work with such a view

  3. Lotus 7 Kit Car My husband made one from scratch it took him four years it’s brilliant and great for rides out especially in Summer

  4. Train/tube as much as we hate them we they aren’t running on time, they are great for getting you from A-B and you can look out the window. I would love to ride the bullet train in Japan!

  5. Train, I would love to ride the bullet train in Japan. You can see scenery on a train, its more relaxed!

  6. A volksgwagen golf G60 rallye is my all time favourite, not too flashy, but a monster underneath the bonnet .

  7. Gosh, I had never thought about it but I really enjoyed travelling in an open-topped car one very hot summer.

  8. a hot air balloon….I have never been in one, but it seems like such a relaxing way to travel

  9. I’m a VW fan and I’m just looking around at the moment at cars, the Scirocco is looking amazingly appealing!

  10. The classic old steam trains with the enclosed carriages we went on one and the experience was fantastic felt so free kids were standing with kids near open window was fantastic

  11. I love airplanes as I’m fascinated by how they manage to fly! I actually work at a small airport which is fab!

  12. A vintage tram. My Mum has always loved them and collects pictures and models of them, and although like most northern kids I had childhood rides on the Blackpool trams, I didn’t really see the appeal. Then last summer we visited a tram museum in Dorset and took a ride on one – the tram trundled gently through beautiful coastal countryside and there was time to relax and enjoy the view, and I suddenly realised what the magic was! It’s great to be unhurried in these frenetic days.
    Jane Willis

  13. Planes, planes are amazing! It’s like some sort of miracle that something so big and heavy can fly!

  14. Trains, because they take me to my favourite people and bring my favourite people to me, plus I see the joy they bring my cousin’s little boy

  15. I like aeroplanes as they take me on holiday (or back home!) and it’s nice to see the views from outside the window from a different perspective

  16. trains i have loved them since being a kid just because they get you from a to be and you can admire all the scenery as you are on them through the window

  17. Definitely a motorbike. Nothing like the feeling when your sat at the back of some one and whizzing down all the country lanes! You get all the smells as well as all the sights. Oh I miss those younger summer days!!

  18. My favourite vehicle has to be a go kart always went when I was a kid and now take my children it’s so much fun.

  19. Open top bus, on a dry sunny day. Lovely to enjoy nice weather whilst touring, great views, earphones with appropriate commentary :- Wonderful!

  20. quite a few years ago my husband & I needed to get to work at separate places and could only afford one car. We bought him a Honda steam. A gorgeously cute little 3 wheel moped. I never see these on the roads now – I don;t think there were many made – but I loved it.

  21. I like the old style Minis as I was obsessed with Mr Bean when I was younger and he had a yellow mini!

  22. I like trains – I enjoy travelling on them and find it relaxing (provided it’s not crowded and I can et a seat)

  23. Being a northerner I never real went on trains. Now I do I actually really like them. Convenient, fairly comfortable and you can get the occasional nice view!

  24. Mine is a steam train it rekindles so many happy childhood memories of day visits to Skeg in the 50s. The only ‘holiday’ we had.

  25. Trains, all types of trains from steam trains to bullet trains. I think it’s the engineering.

  26. Cars – especially the Aston Martin Vanquish or a Formula 1 Racing car to race to success in style

  27. Trains!! My littlest is train mad, and we often take them to ride on the miniature steam trains near where we live, Obviously we have a go too lol.

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