Mess free art time with Little Brian Paint Sticks – AD sent for review

Mess free art time with Little Brian Paint Sticks – AD sent for review

I’m not one of those Mum’s who adores arts and craft time with children. I’m not keen on all the mess and I’ll happily hold my hand up to that. Glitter gives me the jitters and I’ll inwardly groan as and when my son suggests getting his paints out. Now he’s nine I have to admit that craft time is slightly more contained than it used to be and I don’t tend to need to shower him off afterwards, but he still has his moments.  Imagine my delight though when it was suggested that he could have mess free art time with Little Brian Paint Sticks, and there would be no clearing up afterwards!  Sounded too good to be true.

Mess free art time with Little Brian Paint Sticks

Little Brian have a range of Paint Stick sets and we received the 6 pack Day Glow Paint Sticks and the 24 pack which contains 12 classic colour, 6 day glow colours and 6 metallic colours.

Mess free art time with Little Brian Paint Sticks means that there’s no need for paintbrushes or water and you can instantly get creative.  The Paint Sticks work in the same was as glue sticks, take the lid off, twist up and start painting. The paint even dries in less than 60 seconds, and they are great fun to use whether you’re nine of nearly fifty one.

Mess free art time with Little Brian Paint Sticks

My son’s been learning about the Egyptians at school this term and he’s been asking to make his own pyramid for a few weeks, so the Little Brian Paint Sticks were going to come into their own as he made his pyramid and somewhere to place the sarcophagus he’d made at school.

The paint on the Paint Sticks flows well, a little like a large wax crayon, and you can use it to paint, scrape, stamp or dot your designs.

The metallic paints were a real hit with my son as they look really effective.  The fact that the paint from the Little Brian Paint Sticks really does dry within 60 seconds meant that my son could complete his pyramid and stick it together, without having to wait for anything to dry.  Happy boy, happy Mum.

Mess free art time with Little Brian Paint Sticks

We’ve both been really impressed with mess free art time with Little Brian Paint Sticks.  Not only are my son’s creations complete and dry super quick, but there’s no tidying up afterwards.  You just need to make sure that the lids snap on properly to the Paint Sticks so the paints don’t dry out, pack them in their box and that’s that.  My idea of arts and craft heaven.  They’re a great price too I think.

We’ve not tried them yet, but apparently the Little Brian Paint Sticks also work well on wood, glass and fabrics.  They can also be wiped off windows and whiteboards easily.

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disclosure:  we were sent the items mentioned in exchange for an honest review

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