Mia Tui bag – a review

Mia Tui bag – a review

Mia Tui bagI have a number of obsessions; shoes, bracelets and bags!  Now the whole bag thing changed the moment that Monkey arrived on the scene.  Functional became the priority, and none of my lovely bags would fit all the baby bits I needed.  I wish I’d discovered Mia Tui bags four years ago!

Now Monkey is older, I don’t need space for nappies, creams and teething gel.  But I find that we still have loads of stuff to take with us.  I end up with a bag and Monkey moans about carrying a back pack.  Something needed to change.  I was thrilled when I was asked to review a Mia Tui bag; specifically the Sofia, which is one of their smaller handbag size bags.  I opted for Steele Blue, which is one of the 8 colour options for this style of bag.

DSCN2205 DSCN2206

Now, when you think handbag, we’re not talking about a tiny little bag.  Trust me, this bag is a tardis with a zip!

The Mia Tui Sofia, like the other Mia Tui ranges comes with loads of features and additional items.  When I received my bag, it arrived in a pink reuseable bag, great to fold inside the main Sofia bag, ready for a shopping trip!

The Sofia comes with a strap that fixes through metal loops at each end of the bag so you can wear the Mia Tui bag over your shoulder if wanted.  This will be great when I go down to London for BritMums in June.  I can travel across London hands free. When I’m not using it I can keep it in the zip pocket on the back of the bag.  The matching clutch bag with hand and shoulder straps will come in really useful too, when I want to socialise in the evening.

One thing that caught my eye was the clear internal bag with hand strap.  This is just the right size to be accepted through airport security and will be much used in future trips to my parents in Spain.

The Mia Tui Bag has an insulated bottle holder with a difference.  Yes, it will fit a milk formula bottle, it will also fit a water bottle for Monkey, it will also fit a bottle of wine for Mummy!  The wine bottle does actually fit, so you can zip the bag too.  Again, ideal for when I’m socialising, rather than just being Mum!

An absolute must for me since my Mia Tui bag arrived is the key clip.  I love it!! I am forever losing my keys in the depths of my bag.  I’m really struggling with hormone issues at the moment, and I’ve been known to get really stressed out, I’ve lost my keys!  No, they are there lurking just out of reach.  This key clip was made for me, goodbye stress!

The Phone pocket is just the right size for my iPhone 5 and I now have a handy place to keep my pens and crayon stick for Monkey.

My Mia Tui bag has been everywhere with us these last few weeks.  It can easily fit a change of clothes for Monkey, his water bottle, my diary, phone, keys, pens, crayons, colouring book, snacks, fruit, sat nav, camera, guide books and there is still room, and with the over-arm straps it’s still really comfy to carry.

My Sofia bag is my new best friend.  It’s been to Wiltshire, Derbyshire, Gloucestershire, Oxfordshire and Buckinghamshire!  It’s been to the cinema with a mega bag of toffee popcorn, it’s been shopping with me, it’s going out for drinks tomorrow night.

Mia Tui bag(Excuse my god awful expression in this photo!  Turning 46 has been a bit of a shock to the system!)

It’s a great, functional bag, which actually looks nice! It doesn’t look like a changing bag, although it could easily be used as one.  With dimensions of 35cm w x 13cm d x 27cm h, I can easily use it as a cabin bag.  The Mia Tui bag is waterproof inside and out and made of ultra soft faux leather, with a lovely bright pink PU coated nylon interior.

The only downside I can find is that the Steele Blue is a little more grey than blue, I’m nitpicking aren’t I!

Priced at £52.00 I can thoroughly recommend this bag.  It will be getting a lot of use both with Mummy time and Me time, just the sort of bag I need.

disclaimer:  we were sent this item for the purpose of review, our comments remain our own, honest opinions

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13 thoughts on “Mia Tui bag – a review

  1. Wow, that’s a cheap bag for size and usefulness. Love that you used a bottle of wine for review! Brilliant, so important for lots of mums to know.

  2. That bag looks fab, I love how it looks like a handbag rather than a change bag and your wine bottle photo is hilarious! x

  3. What a fab bag, love it when there’s loads of compartments to keep your things in, I’m forever losing things in mine. Loved that you fitted the wine in! lol

  4. They are brilliant bags aren’t they. Love that you have a bottle of wine in there, I must try that one! Love the colour you have chosen too, it’s very you!

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