Mia Tui Sue Re-Useable Shopper Bag

Mia Tui Sue Re-Useable Shopper Bag

I’ll make no secret of the fact that I’m a huge fan of Mia Tui and their range of bags.  I first discovered them through the blog when I reviewed their Sophia bag back in 2014.  I was instantly hooked, the bags are well made, come with lots of accessories and are really designed with a Mum on the move in mind.  Whether it be shopping, travelling, going to the gym, a day out with the kids or meeting friends for lunch; these bags have it all covered.  Since that first experience I’ve bought an Ella, another Sophia, Grace and just before Christmas I added an Olivia and a purse into the mix when I visited their Open Day!  Whilst I was there I also picked up the recently launched Mia Tui Sue Re-Useable Shopper Bag.

Mia Tui Sue Re-Useable Shopper Bag

I’ve been using hessian shopping bags since the 5p carrier bag charge came in, but they are a pain.  Firstly you need to remember to take them with you, all the time.  They don’t fold up and are bulky to carry around as well as a handbag, and lets face it they’re not that attractive either.  They also don’t have any separate compartments, which can cause issues when trying to keep food items clear of clothing etc.

Well the team at Mia Tui have thought of everything with the Sue Shopper – it starts life as a 12×12 cm folded bag and transforms into a 44cm w x 41cm h reusable shopping bag.  I’ve been using this since December and it can only be described as a tardis of a bag.

I leave my folded Sue Shopper in my handbag so I no longer have to think about where to put impulse buys – you know me! It’s compact and weighs next to nothing, which is perfect.  When I need it, it’s easy to fold out and has two compartments separated by a zipped middle pocket.  I’ve been easily able to keep different sorts of shopping in different sections and the bag can either be hung over the shoulder or carried by hand.

Mia Tui Sue Re-Useable Shopper Bag

Priced at £5.00 per bag or or you can get 3 for only £12 & free P&P – use code SUE12. I can thoroughly recommend the Mia Tui Sue Re-Useable Shopper Bag.  Mine has taken considerable punishment with both Christmas and grocery shopping and will be much used in the months ahead.  I’ve actually got a couple of these bags, so I can have one in one of my other favourite handbags without worrying.  I’m thinking of getting another one to have in Daddy P’s car as I stand no chance of him using a hessian style bag, but one of these, that he can just pop in his pocket, that could work.

The Sue Re-Useable Shopper Bag is now available in Red with white stars and Blue with white spots, as well as the Black.  It’s a great product.

To see this and to the view the full range of bags available pop over to the Mia Tui page.

I got to see the new colour ranges coming into stock next month when I was at the Open Day, and there are some lovely shades going to be launched.  I have my heart set on a couple already – bet you can’t guess the colours???

disclaimer:  we were given a couple of these items in exchange for an honest review


3 thoughts on “Mia Tui Sue Re-Useable Shopper Bag

  1. I think that’s a good price considering the size of it, I make sure to have atleast 2 resuable bags folded up into my normal bag now because you never know when you’re going to need them.

  2. I love my Mia Tui bag still too. This looks like a really handy reusable shopper – I love how much you can get in there.

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