Mila & Pheebs Craft and Stationery box

Mila & Pheebs Craft and Stationery box

Monkey get to be a little creative last week as we tried out the new Mila & Pheebs Craft and Stationery box delivery service.  Aimed at children aged 6 years and over, the company offer a subscription service, bringing a different themed arts and craft box through your letter box every month.

Mila & Pheebs Craft and Stationery box

You all know we love nature here, and having a resident hedgehog, the Woodland theme of the Mila & Pheebs box was perfect for us.  The box fitted perfectly through our letterbox, and Monkey was eager to see what was inside. I had already had a sneaky peak, but don’t tell him!

We’d received a real box of delights.  With some guided craft activities as well as supplies to let your imagination run wild.  I’m seriously hoping Monkey might let me keep this adorable Fox book mark.

Mila & Pheebs Craft and Stationery box

The Iwako Hedgehog eraser would certainly have found a home in my collection as a child. Monkey hasn’t seen this sort of rubber before and he is really reluctant to use it, he wants to add it to his toy animal collection.

Mila & Pheebs Craft and Stationery box

The box also contained, stickers, 2 craft sets, tissue paper, felt squares, Bark colouring pencils, washi tape, word search, Woodland themed colouring in sheets, a make your own woodland scene sheet, blank greeting cards/envelopes and foil stickers.

Monkey loves craft sets and I knew the first thing he’d be interested in would be the Hedgehog craft kit.  This comes with everything you need to make it, the foam pieces are self adhesive and Monkey completed the task easily, with his own take on leaf placement.

I was frankly quite amazed when Monkey wanted to tackle the Word Search next.  My son, the reluctant reader and writer doing a word search, who would ever have thought I’d be witnessing that.  He needed a little help at times and there was an issue with one of the words, which I’ve fed back to the Mila & Pheebs team.

I think you can see the determination on his face.  He loves the Bark Colouring pencils that are included in this box, they are the perfect size for children his age I think.

Next up was time for some Woodland bookmark making with a Monkey twist.  The kit came with coloured lolly sticks, bookmark animal toppers and self adhesive stickers.  You just need some glue for this activity.  Monkey decided that he wanted to make a picture with the wooden butterfly toppers, washi tape and a piece of the felt provided, and that the stickers would work well on the bookmarks (not a thoroughly thought out process but he had fun).

A special friend is going to be 70 while we are on holiday, Monkey had spotted there were some blank cards and envelopes in the Mila & Pheebs Craft and Stationery box so he set to work making his card, he also used some of the foil stickers we’d received.

Included with the Mila & Pheebs Craft and Stationery box are different coloured felt squares, some tissue paper so children can use their imagination to get creative.  Well Monkey asked me for a plain piece of paper and away he went.  I thought I’d be getting a pretty woodland scene, but no.  We’d been on a school trip to the Fire Station earlier in the week, so I got his interpretation of the fire engine and the compartments we were shown and a fire.  Along with some trees!

As you read this we will be on a flight somewhere over Europe, Monkey should be colouring in the sheets from our box right about now!

Mila & Pheebs Craft and Stationery box

We’ve both been impressed with the Mila & Pheebs Craft and Stationery box, the theme certainly worked for us this month.

If you’d like more information on the service offered by Mila & Pheebs and the different subscription packages available, pop over to their website.  I’ve got a 10% discount code for you which can be used on either a subscription or you can buy a one-off box to try (£1.99 delivery charge for UK addresses applicable on one-off purchases).  Use code OVER40MUMOF1OFFER at the check out.  Please note that this discount is only valid until 19th June as boxes are shipped on 20th of each month.  Enjoy!

disclosure:  we were sent the item mentioned in exchange for an honest review

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