Milly and the Mermaids

Milly and the Mermaids – a book review

Sometimes something really exciting happens here.  We get to review a book that hasn’t been published yet!  We’ve been enjoying a lovely story from Orion Books called Milly and the Mermaids, which is due to be published on 3rd July 2014.

Milly and the Mermaids

Milly and the Mermaids is written by Maudie Smith and accompanied by beautiful illustrations from Antonia Woodward.

When published this will be a 32 page hardback book.  It is aimed at children aged 5 years and over.  But I actually think this is also a lovely picture book to read with younger children.  A 4 year Monkey has loved this story, especially as he is learning about sea creatures at Nursery School at the moment.

We meet Milly, a little girl who is fascinated with mermaids, she makes sandcastle moats for mermaids to swim in, buries her Mum in the sand with a mermaid’s tail and makes a picture in the sand of a mermaid too.  She really hopes that the mermaids will be curious to see her creations, she really wants to see a mermaid.

She waits and waits on the beach with her family, but there are no mermaids to be seen. She really isn’t interested when her Dad gives her a blue shell to take him.

But the shell is no ordinary shell!  It takes her on an adventure.

Milly and the Mermaid

Although Milly and the Mermaids has a little girl as the main character, Monkey has still really enjoyed this enchanting tale.  There really is something quite magical about the idea of mermaids.  It’s caught his imagination, which is what books should be all about.

I’d certainly recommend this book, priced at £9.99 so make a note in your diary for 3rd July!

disclaimer:  we were sent this book in exchange for an honest review

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  1. Oh we love mermaids in our house, this looks like a beautiful book. LP has just seen Little Mermaid for the first time so I think she would love this! x

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