Mokuru fidget toy

MOKURU fidget toy

The fidget spinner craze is in full swing in these parts and Monkey and I have been lucky enough to get her fingers on another idea which is set to be a craze this summer.  Let me introduce you to the MOKURU fidget toy.
Mokuru fidget toy
The must have toy from Japan is now hitting our desks, floors and work surfaces.  The MOKURU fidget toy is made of beech wood with plastic, fixed stoppers at each end.  Originally designed as a desk toy, a wider potential market has been discovered, as children get to grips with the fun to be had.
It’s marketed as being suitable for children aged 3 years and over, but personally I think it would be hard for a child that age to master it easily.  I also think it’s rather large, at 9cms, for very little hands, but that’s just my personal opinion. The toy is available in green, orange, white, red, blue and yellow.
When the MOKURU fidget toy first arrived I was a little underwhelmed.  What does it actually do?  Then I started to play, and it soon becomes a little addictive.
Mokuru fidget toy
Stand it on one end, flick the top gently and watch it flip head over tail.  Then if you’re nimble, flick it back before it comes to a stop.  Sounds easy doesn’t it?  It’s not, so that’s where the skills lies.  You need to flick with just the right force to encourage the MOKURU fidget toy to begins its tumble.

I thought my 7 year old son might become easily frustrated with this toy if he didn’t master in quickly.  But he’s proved me wrong.  It’s also very good for spinning, which becomes somewhat addictive in its own way too.
Mokuru fidget toy
I don’t think that we will be playing with the MOKURU fidget toy constantly, but I can certainly see us both honing our skills with it over the summer holidays.  It’s also a perfect size to pop in a bag or case and take on adventures.  You do need a flat surface to play on, but even a tray table on a plane would work for a two person flip game.
The MOKURU fidget toy is now available from SMYTHS Toys and Amazon (affiliate link below) priced at £9.99. You might see alternatives to the MOKURU on sale but be aware that only the real one has been designed and engineered to ensure that perfect balance to enable you to play properly.

disclosure:  we were sent the item mentioned in exchange for an honest review

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