Monkey and the Little One

Monkey and the Little One

Being an only child Monkey struggles with the whole concept of sharing, whether it be his toys or his space! He’s getting better now he’s a bit older and at school, but there are times when it’s still a challenge.  He has made friend’s with Redpeffer’s little boy, which is lovely. There’s a year between them and they get on really well.  But there are times when Monkey struggles to share his little world with his friend.  I thought Monkey and the Little One might be a good book for us to read.

Monkey and the Little One

Monkey and the Little One is a sweet picture book written and illustrated by Claire Alexander which was published in May this year through Egmont.  We meet a little Monkey, not unlike my own Monkey, who lives by himself and who enjoys his own company.

But life changes one day when The Little One comes along and wants to spend time with Monkey.

Monkey and the Little One

Monkey isn’t so keen on being followed everywhere, and having his new companion hanging around.  He just wants The Little One to go away, but when he gets his wish, he’s rather sad.  He realises that actually life is much more fun with someone to share it with.

Monkey and the Little One is a lovely book which we’re using to help Monkey work through friendship issues, but could be used just as easily with children who have a new sibling in the family.

We’ve enjoyed reading it and I’m hoping the message has sunk in with this little Monkey too!  I’ve shown my Amazon Affiliate link below for your reference.

disclaimer:  we were sent this book in exchange for an honest review


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  1. This looks like a lovely book for younger ones too to reinforce the concept of sharing, which is always difficult for most children to understand!

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