Monkey gets his skates on

Monkey gets his skates on – a review

Monkey gets his Skates on

We were recently offered the opportunity to try out some products from Skate Hut; the online retailer for Skates, Scooters, Skateboards and accessories. After having a good look around the Skate Hut site I came up with a plan. Monkey gets his skates on for the first time!

I selected SFR Stomper Adjustable Junior Boy’s Skates in size 10-13.  They looked ideal for a child trying roller skating for the first time and I loved the idea that they could be adjusted as Monkey’s feet continue to grow.

Monkey gets his skates on

Monkey takes a size 11 shoe, there is a little flip out lever at the back of the skate that you turn to adjust the skate shoe size, it’s really easy to use.  The skates come with an instruction leaflet too.

Monkey gets his skates on

I adjusted the skates to size 11, but we had to adjust them up to size 12 when Monkey put them on as he complained that they were too tight.

The boots themselves are well padded and the inner fabric can be removed and surface washed if needed.  I also found the straps easy to adjust and fasten.

I have to admit that it’s taken a few weeks to persuade Monkey to try his new skates. Regular readers know that he is not the most adventurous little boy.  Monkey gets his skates on but on his own terms!  He agreed to try them on and have a go in the kitchen. Ok, I know it’s indoors, but it’s a start!

I want Monkey to feel safe, and to avoid broken bones whenever possible, so I’d also ordered the SFR Essentials Triple Pad set.  The set contains pads for knees, elbows and wrists and comes in a handy storage bag.

Monkey gets his skates on Monkey gets his skates on

I ordered the small size which is suitable for children aged 4-7 years.  Monkey is 4 and half, and when fitting the knee and elbow pads I did find the velcro straps a bit on the large size, so think we’ll have to pad him out well with his clothing too, to make them fit more securely.

Monkey gets his skates on

I know Monkey gets his skates on in the kitchen with all of the safety equipment, including his bike helmet, might seem a bit OTT.  But, I want it to be the norm from the start.  You wear your roller skates, you wear all of the equipment too.  We did eventually take the wrist guards off, to make it easier for him to hold mine or Daddy P’s hands, but he already knows that he will be wearing them outside.

So how did he do?  I caught some of it on video as you can see on Instagram here.  He loved it, we did try to persuade him to venture outside, but the kitchen was enough.

It was a starting point, and we now have a plan for the summer holidays.  Our first task will be to master stopping!  I was so proud of him for trying, for having a go, and the shrieks of laughter were great.  I know there will be bumps and probably tears along the way, but he has started his roller skating journey.

The skates cost £34.95, which considering the fact that they are adjustable, so will last a while, is a great price in my opinion.  The pad set costs £12.95, they’ll last Monkey a few years and to my mind, are totally essential as Monkey gets his skates on this summer.

disclaimer: in collaboration with Skate Hut

12 thoughts on “Monkey gets his skates on – a review

  1. Roller skates can be a tricky thing to get the hang of can’t they! These look like good ones and good on you for getting all the pads and helmets too – I see so many around us that don’t wear them!

  2. My son never really got to grips with skates, but he’s a whizz on a scooter and is booked in for a skateboarding session over the summer hols so if he doesn’t take to skating he might like one of the alternatives!

  3. I’m sure once he gets his confidence up on these he’ll be off. With 4 wheels to help him balance they are great for little ones to start off with.

  4. Those are really funky looking skates! I used to love skating when I was younger. Don’t think I’d manage now without all that safety gear on LOL.

  5. O wow these are great! I was rubbish at skating when I was little but our little man might have better luck than me-they look fantastic! xxx

  6. He looks determined in those pictures, especially the first, doesn’t he?! Well done for trying roller skating can be a really difficult concept to grasp so doing it in his own time is probably best. Well done for trying. These skates are great – we have just bought some Barbie ones for M but they’re already on their last notch so will need to look for more IF she likes it! V insightful post. Thnx x

  7. Great photos and review, roller skating is tricky at first but well done to him for trying. Adjustable skates are great for little feet. Thanks for linking up with #SSAmazingAchievements

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