Monkey wears Animal Tails

Monkey wears Animal Tails – a review

You all know that we’re big nature lovers here and when I come across a company whose sales, support charities such as the World Wildlife Fund, I wanted to know more.  That’s why Monkey wears Animal Tails.

Monkey wears Animal Tails Monkey wears Animal Tails

Animal Tails are a predominately a children’s clothing company, providing organic and ethically sourced cotton wear. We ordered Monkey a lovely Giant Panda collage long-sleeved top and it arrived beautifully packaged.  Would make a lovely present.  The only plastic in sight was the shipping bag, which is fully recyclable.

Monkey wears Animal Tails Monkey wears Animal Tails

Monkey wears Animal Tails Giant Panda top with pride, it even comes with a little fact card so he can learn about this beautiful and rare creature.  I was interested to see how he would react to an ‘animal’ top.  As you all know, he is vehicle mad!

Mummy I love it – I want to wear it now!  I have to point out at this time that I ordered him a size 5-6 years, as he is growing so fast at the moment.  It is clearly a bit big for him right now.  But he has been insistent on wearing it, he loves it.  I love the colour on him, he adores the Giant Panda print.  Along with the Fact Card it’s given us the chance to talk about rare animals and how we treat animals in the wild.  It’s been educational, we’ve gone to the Library to find a book about Panda’s.  I’ve loved this unexpected aspect to this piece of clothing.

Monkey wears Animal TailsI think you can see how much he loves it – Monkey wears Animal Tails proudly.  The Giant Panda is a beautiful collage, with lots of animals running through the design.

Monkey wears Animal TailsThe Animal Tails top washes at 40 degrees, irons well and has kept its shape.  It’s a good quality made top.  I have a feeling it will be having lots of wear over the next year (or two if I’m lucky!).

The T-shirt is made from Fairtrade and organic cotton and 7% of the sale price goes directly to WWF to support s wide range of projects to protect endangered species and their habitats. WWF in particular works very closely with the communities who live alongside endangered species to raise awareness and ensure that these communities are able to access sustainable livelihoods, hence the reason for using Fairtrade cotton.

This particular top is available for ages 3-10 years and is priced at £17.50.  There are also ranges for younger babies and children and some of the girls wear goes up to the age of 12 years.

If you’d like to know more about Animal Tails and their lovely clothes then pop over and like their Facebook page and follow them on Twitter.

I’m very pleased, Monkey wears Animal Tails and we can raise awareness of animal conservation too.

disclaimer:  we were sent this item in exchange for an honest review


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  1. What a great way to get kids interested in endangered animals. I love this top it looks so cute on Monkey and I will have to have a look and see what else they have as we are animal lovers here too.

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