MOOSOO K17U 4 in 1 Cordless Stick Vacuum Cleaner

MOOSOO K17U 4 in 1 Cordless Stick Vacuum Cleaner – AD sent for review and giveaway

disclosure:  we were sent the item mentioned in exchange for an  honest review

Living in a house where electric sockets are few and far between, being able to make use of a cordless vacuum cleaner has long been a must-have option here.  We’ve had our current offering for a number of years now so we were interested to see how the MOOSOO K17U 4 in 1 Cordless Stick Vacuum Cleaner would compare when we were asked if we’d like to try it out recently.

MOOSOO K17U 4 in 1 Cordless Stick Vacuum Cleaner

The MOOSOO K17U 4 in 1 Cordless Stick Vacuum Cleaner comes with a battery, charger, LED turbine motorised floor brush, hand vacuum assembly, adjustable metal tube, cleaning tool, mounting bracket, bristle brush and nozzle attachments.

The box was well packaged and the battery pack was partially charged on arrival which meant I could try it out straight away. Charging the battery from empty takes approximately four and a half hours and you can either charge with the battery in situ or remove it from the hoover and charge remotely.

It’s very easy to put the MOOSOO K17U 4 in 1 Cordless Stick Vacuum Cleaner together and the parts all simply clip into place.

I really like being able to adjust the height on the MOOSOO K17U 4 in 1 Cordless Stick Vacuum Cleaner as both my OH do the hoovering and he’s considerably taller than me, so this is a great feature. It manoeuvers well and is lightweight.

MOOSOO K17U 4 in 1 Cordless Stick Vacuum Cleaner

To switch the hoover on you just press the trigger button, the battery level indicator lights come on as well as four LED lights at the front of the floor brush. There’s also a suction speed button that you press for higher or lower suction levels.  We have found that if we use the higher suction speed that the battery doesn’t last long enough to hoover our entire three-bedroom house, which we did find surprising and rather annoying given the four and a half recharge time required.

MOOSOO K17U 4 in 1 Cordless Stick Vacuum Cleaner

The lower suction level works fine on our laminate and lino floorings but with a long-haired cat, we prefer the results with the higher suction level on our carpets.

The floor brush can fit well under sofas and beds and with the LED lights it’s easy to see into dark corners too.

It’s also very simple to convert the MOOSOO K17U 4 in 1 Cordless Stick Vacuum Cleaner to a hand device to use on the stairs, car or even on curtains.

The high-density HEPA filter can be washed easily to ensure suction levels are maintained and there is an easy release clip to remove the debris that’s been collected during hoovering.

MOOSOO K17U 4 in 1 Cordless Stick Vacuum Cleaner

We would normally store our hoover in the cupboard which houses our boiler in the kitchen, but that’s not so easy to do with the MOOSOO K17U 4 in 1 Cordless Stick Vacuum Cleaner.  The hoover doesn’t stand up by itself independently which I still feel’s a little strange.  It does come with a wall bracket but that’s not something that works for us, it might for you if you have an understairs cupboard or a utility room. I queried this issue with the brand and they suggested a separate stand as an option, but for the time being, we’re just going to pack the hoover back into the packing box and store it that way.

I’m pleased to be able to offer readers the chance to win the MOOSOO K17U 4 in 1 Cordless Stick Vacuum Cleaner worth £84.83 for themselves – complete the Gleam form below for your chance to win.  Good luck!

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MOOSOO K17U 4 in 1 Cordless Stick Vacuum Cleaner worth £84.83 UK only

341 thoughts on “MOOSOO K17U 4 in 1 Cordless Stick Vacuum Cleaner – AD sent for review and giveaway

  1. Cleaning the windows! I have to use stepladders, I can’t get a non streaky finish, the outsides get covered in bird poo as we get nesting house martins every year (yeyyyyyyyyyy!!!!) and finally even if I get them clean the double glazing is knackered so they all have moisture trapped inside. Sometimes looking out of them is a bit like being drunk. The job is just pointless! 🙂

  2. I absolutely hate dusting because it always makes me sneeze as I am allergic to dust haha.

  3. The worst job for me is cleaning the bathroom. My kids are so messy and I have to clean the bathroom numerous times a day

  4. I hate cleaning the oven, it’s such a messy, horrid job. Lots of awkward bending to try to reach the back of a totally dark area.

  5. I hate cleaning the stairs – its always so awkward and vacuum cords and hoses always get tangled leaving me feeling unsafe

  6. I hate cleaning the oven because its difficult to get into all the nooks and crannies plus its hard on my knees!

  7. I hate cleaning the bathroom, its always the place that needs the most attention and I hate all the bending to do the bath and keeping the shower screen clean is a ngihtmare

    1. My favourite cleaning job in the house is dusting as I love the smell of the furniture polish and my least favourite is cleaning the oven.

  8. I hate dusting – it’s so thankless as the dust seems to flutter and re-settle behind me as I go!!

  9. Cleaning the oven as we let it get too dirty in the first place and I feel I don’t have enough elbow grease to sort it out

  10. The stairs, trying to balance precariously to stop our cylinder vac from toppling down is a pain in the proverbial.

  11. I think it would be cleaning the bathroom, the toilet is not fun living in a house with two little boys!

  12. I hate the vacuuming as I find ours so heavy to push around. Usually my husband does it but this morning I did (most of) it and my back suffers terribly.

  13. Cleaning the oven, afraid I leave it till it’s in a state, should do it when it’s not too bad x

  14. definitely the oven! its so messy and i always put it off which makes it harder to clean!

  15. Cleaning the bathroom as the chemical smells from bleach and bathroom products linger up my nose and set off my allergies all day and give me a headache! Give me the hoover or ironing anyday!

  16. I do not like cleaning the toilet as it means I have to use bleach, but I know it has to be done

  17. I really hate cleaning the oven it’s awkward, there chemicals are harsh and it’s time comsuming

  18. I hate cleaning the toilet and worst of all cleaning the bottom of the kitchen bin! that is just horrible!

  19. I hate cleaning the oven. It’s a really dirty job and difficult for me to clean the inside….

  20. Cleaning the bathrooms because literally the next time someone uses them they are filthy again! how!!!

  21. I hate cleaning the oven, probably because I don’t do it till I have to and it’s normally hard to do by then

  22. the shower and its glass doors! I’ve now learnt to wipe them down after each shower and now the job is so much easier!!

  23. The stainless steel cooker top and oven doors as the streak so easily it takes ages to clean and wipe down to avoid the streak marks

  24. I hate cleaning the kitchen floor. It’s black stone tiles and they are a nightmare. 2 seconds after cleaning they look dirty again. It drives me insane.

  25. I hate cleaning the oven. I don’t like chemical oven cleaners but it is so hard to get clean without something powerful.

  26. I hate cleaning the oven, getting my head in with the cleaning spray filling my lungs with it’s smell!

    1. Hoovering the stairs – It is always a struggle unfortunately because my hoover is too heavy and it’s not cordless!

  27. Cleaning the oven , I was put off when a friend needed skin grafts from the cleaning solution . I recently had it done by a company who said it was one of his more challenging jobs

  28. I hate cleaning the shower cubicle because I have mobility issues and I cant reach properly.

  29. I hate cleaning the bathrooms, it’s the most unhygienic room and it involves a lot of bending and some scrubbing

  30. I will absolutely swap with anyone who hates cleaning the bathroom or the garden- that’s my favourite Just come sort out my bedroom and the overflowing clothes! Downstairs might be OK when I have guests, but my bedroom is always utter chaos. Laundry piles everywhere. It’s starting to get to me!

  31. Cleaning the windows! I have to use stepladders, I can’t get a non streaky finish, the outsides get covered in bird poo as we get nesting house martins every year (yeyyyyyyyyyy!!!!) and finally even if I get them clean the double glazing is knackered so they all have moisture trapped inside. Sometimes looking out of them is a bit like being drunk. The job is just pointless!
    (I don’t think this comment posted yesterday, form seemed to struggle to connect with facebook)

  32. That would be either cleaning windows or cleaning the oven as I hate both of them, but I would choose the windows the worse as there are a lot more of them

  33. I hate cleaning round the outside of the toilet, dog and human hair seem to stick to it, and you try and wipe them off, and more hairs stick to it!

  34. Has to be cleaning the oven its just not pleasant. I have tried t buy the least enviromnetally and or smelly cleaner but still viles and so awkward to do

  35. My worst job is cleaning the bathroom. I hate it. But I put on some music and get stuck in and, actually, once I’m finished I feel a great sense of satisfaction.

  36. It’s got to be the toilet, a lack of aim and an inability to use a toilet brush make it a daily challenge!

  37. Hoovering my hoover is so heavy and bulky it gives me back pain would love a new one maybe I can start enjoying it more

  38. The oven for sure, I enjoy cleaning in general but the oven is a job I dread, takes too long and super messy

  39. Cleaning the shower, it’s always so gross as there’s three females with long hair so the shower is always full of hair.

    1. The ironing. I just always seem to have a pile np matter how much I do. It never ending!

  40. The oven is my worst nightmare as the deeply stuck grime and oil are hard to get rid of

  41. For me it is the vacuuming but that is only because the one I’ve got is heavy to lugg around plus it is ineffective, so it feels like effort for nothing

  42. I hate folding clothes and putting them away. Any other chore I’m okay. It just eats my soul to do. Folding clothes, bedsheets, fitted sheets, socks, whatever. I hate it, but not as much as I hate wrinkles.

  43. I hate cleaning the floors, the steam cleaner I have has such small writing I have to wait for my husband to fill it and by then Ive gone off the idea

  44. i really hate cleaning the fridge alcl the different fridge smells and touchingn the packets of food dunno just drives me nuts!

    1. Cleaning the main toilet! My partner has two boys so three boys use that toilet it’s not pleasant.

  45. Definitely has to be cleaning the oven.
    Our oven is quite low down so it’s in an awkward position; having to crouch/kneel down and reach right in.
    Then you have all the faffing around with removing the glass from the oven door so that can be properly cleaned too.

  46. Cleaning the toilets – I hate it because it would appear i’m the only person in the house capable of doing it!

  47. I hate cleaning the windows. It takes me forever to get a streakless finish regardless of what i use and how i clean them but with 4 dogs you can guarantee as soon as i have finished i end up with at least one dog deciding to add nose art to my windows

  48. Cleaning the Oven – I wish it could be raised to arm height so I didn’t have to get on my knees.

    1. Cleaning the shower is my least favourite because it’s quite awkward to do and needs doing so often.

  49. The hall is my least favourite.- it makes no difference how many time I tell my kids to wipe feet/remove muddy shoes, the hall gets grubby every single day!

  50. I do enjoy cleaning, I find it very satisfying. I think the worst is cleaning the windows.

  51. The windows. I always end up with smears and streaks, and they usually look worse than when I started!

  52. I hate cleaning the oven. You either suffer from ripping the skin on your fingers to shreds, or have to use noxious substances that linger in the air for ages

  53. I hate cleaning underneath the sofa! With 4 cats in the house there’s always plenty of fur, dust, food, toys and any other random bits they can push around underneath it!

  54. Cleaning the hair trap in the shower, because it is always clogged with daughter’s long hair

  55. Washing the skirting boards. Nobody wears shoes inside including the cats. So HOW do they get so dirty?!

  56. Cleaning the oven – however long I spend it never seems to ever really get properly clean.

  57. Cleaning the oven, its such a thankless task and it never seems to be completely clean, no matter how long or hard you scrub.

  58. Cleaning the oven, because it always seems to bake on and takes a lot of effort to get clean.

  59. My least favourite cleaning job is cleaning the oven because it is such a laborious task.

  60. I love hoovering most. I love the sound of the bits being sucked up haha and i love how instantly clean the floor looks with little effort on my part!

  61. For me at the moment my least favourite is washing up because often we have no hot water so it’s so much scrubbing!

  62. My least favourite cleaning job around the house is the bathroom, especially the toilet as my boys always end up getting wee everywhere

  63. Washing-up, as my dishwasher is broken. It is such a tedium, and waste of time. I absolutely hate it.

  64. I hate cleaning the skirting boards. Its so hard to get into all the deep dark corners where you need to be and often it leads you find things you dont want to (dust,creepycrawlies etc)

  65. cleaning the oven, its such a fiddly job, trying to get the sides clean, undoing the door glass, trying to get it all put back together without leaving streaks arghhh

  66. The bathroom for me, as four out of four have longish hair and they get everywhere, and once wet on you hands they don’t come off

  67. I don’t like hoovering because it fallls apart as I use it and takes twice as long as it should!

  68. I hate changing the beds. I drives me nuts struggling with quilt covers and getting them perfect.

  69. My least favourite job is cleaning the toilet. It’s a necessary evil, but always very icky.

  70. Mine has to be changing the bedding. When it pings off the other corner, then the other, then the other….argh!

  71. I really hate cleaning the oven it’s one of those jobs you try to put off because of how messy it can be and I can never seem to get it as clean as I want to

  72. Washing up is fine but for some reason I dislike cleaning pans. I don’t know why. Even leaving them to soak I have an aversion to cleaning pans. Yuck.

  73. For me, its cleaning the oven! I guess i should clean it more regulaly instead of letting it build up!

  74. cleaning the stairs is the worst. we have really steep narrow steps and its backbreaking!

  75. I hate cleaning the toilet as I feel dirty afterwards, especially as it’s he husband making it nasty

  76. my least favourite is cleaning the windows outside because we have spiders, and their eggs/nests there which i just refuse to deal with! so i have to hesitantly go around them!

  77. Worst job is dusting the blinds – probably wouldn’t be so bad if I didn’t keep putting it off!

  78. My personal least favourite is the kitchen, simply because while other rooms can be done on a periodic or ‘as and when’ basis, the kitchen is a never ending job, needing to be done to varying extents multiple times a day.

  79. I really hate cleaning the bathroom, especially the toilet, because it is so full of germs.

  80. i Hate cleaning windows and mirrors I can never get them smear free and as soon as i get them reasonable you can bet your shirt that it will rain or one of the kids will get sticky fingers on the mirrors.

  81. I hate cleaning the oven. I love cooking, but I hate the clean up operation. I’m contemplating paying a proper oven cleaning company, or buying a new oven!!

  82. Cleaning and hoovering the stairs. We have an odd shaped staircase and hoovering it can be tricky and time consuming, plus the carpet on it is only down the middle so the edges need extra cleaning. Really need to redecorate!

  83. I hate cleaning the bathroom. With 3 men and Alfie at home, all showering at least daily, not to mention everything else they do in there, it needs cleaned frequently. I’m graduating handing this job over to them.

  84. Definitely vacuuming, we have an old cylinder vacuum that is so very hard work to use, it also has a button on the top at each side which you kick with your foot, one is to rewind the cable and the other to switch on/off, the amount of times I kick the rewind cable and it pulls the electric cable tight so I can go no further aaaaaargh.

  85. My least favourite job is dusting. It just seems so pointless. as soon as you are done, the dust comes straight back!

  86. I find most house work demoralising because you have to do the same thing over and over just for it to get messed up again

  87. I don’t like cleaning the oven, it gets all greasy and horrible, shut the door and forget about it.

  88. I hate dusting. I’m allergic to dust and if I forget to take an anti allergy tablet I end up Ill for days!

  89. My least favourite job is cleaning the windows. It doesn’t matter what sprays or cloths I use, they are always very smeared when I’ve finished. They look fine when I stop cleaning but then the sun comes out and I groan at the amount of smears!

  90. i loathe cleaning the cooker, its such a big job that next time i might just get a cleaning company in to do it for me

  91. I dislike cleaning my oven but I know I have to do it fairly regularly, otherwise it becomes hard work.

  92. I love cleaning…..most of the time but the one job I dread is cleaning the oven. I think it is more a historical and psychological problem than a real one going back to the days before I discovered Oven Pride and never used a George Forman grill for cooking meat and fish. Since having a new Neff Sliding door oven fitted 9 years ago I just check every month and spend about 15 minutes on the job. Easy peasy…..but i still have this feeling of dread!

  93. Cleaning the oven – just so messy and takes so long – I have to take the oven door apart to get in-between the glass panels

  94. I absolutely despise cleaning the oven. It just takes forever and it smells and it’s just a real pain

  95. Cleaning the windows… ultimate nightmare!!! Our windows open out and up towards the sky (if that makes sense) so I can only open my bedroom window to the bare minimum otherwise its the perfect target board for all the pigeon poop!!!

  96. The stairs – and landing. We have a semi-long haired cat and I swear he spends his nights shedding fur up and down the stairs and when you only have a “Henry” it is no fun trying to vacuum up his hairy offerings each day!

  97. I hate cleaning the sink. The plughole always gets disgusting and I hate trying to get it clean

  98. Cleaning the oven, never found a product that doesn’t make me gag or give me a headache

  99. Cleaning the oven is my biggest bugbear, especially when the grease and grime has been there for a long time

  100. The kitchen in general because its never clean for long! I feel like i spend my whole life cleaning that room!

  101. the oven – it’s awkward to get in to all the splashes and the window is so difficult to get clean. Keep meaning to clean it each time used so nothing gets baked on but just avoid doing so, which only makes it harder to clean.

  102. Cleaning the bathroom, especially the wall tiles at the shower. It’s so tiring, and a continual scrubbing session!

  103. Don’t mind any cleaning the end results always give me a good feeling but. Vacuum are a pain the cord get tangled and the head keeps falling off half way through x fantastic giveaway

  104. Don’t mind cleaning just better when you have good tools to help you x like a hoover that actually sucks up would be nice

  105. Doing the dishes is my least favourite! It always takes so long and I hate getting my hands wet!

  106. Most of all I hate cleaning the bathroom, particularly as it is carpeted (I was over-ruled) and I’m the only person who ever cleans it.