The Morgawr and the Bad Knockers

The Morgawr and the Bad Knockers

Later this month the second book in The Adventures of Austin the Cornish Miner series will be released.  Having been to Cornwall a couple of times now with Monkey, I thought he might enjoy an introduction to Austin and his friends.  The Morgawr and the Bad Knockers is written by Karen M Hoyle and published through Clink Street Publishing.

The Morgawr and the Bad Knockers

The 92 page paperback book is aimed at children aged 6 years and over and follows the adventurers of Austin as he goes in search of two bad Knockers with his Knocker friend Deffler.

Monkey, as you all know, isn’t the happiest of independent readers, and The Morgawr and the Bad Knockers is definitely beyond his capabilities.  But he’s still been enjoying the story as I’ve been reading it to him at bedtime for the last few days.

The Morgawr and the Bad Knockers

So who or what are Knockers I hear you ask.  Well Monkey and I were asking the same question from page 1.  It soon transpired that Knockers are little people, like trolls, who live in the Knockers Cavern deep within the Cornish mines.  Not everyone can see them, but Austin is friends with them.  Apparently they like pasty crusts, which made Monkey giggle, as we remembered just how many Cornish Pasties Daddy P had eaten during our week away.

His Knocker friend Deffler asks for Austins help.  Two of the Knockers, Marky and Greggor have disappeared and so have lots of things from around the cavern.  They need to be stopped. Some children have spotted little men in a little boat going out along the coast, could the Bad Knockers now be smugglers selling off their loot?

Austin and a team of Knockers head off in search of Marky and Greggor, only to find them with a stack of explosive barrels.

I don’t won’t to ruin the whole story for you, but it involves deep mine tunnels 4 miles long and a meeting with the Morgawr, a mythical sea serpent.

Monkey’s really enjoyed the story and it’s been good for him to see that more wordy books can still be interesting.  For more information about The Morgawr and the Bad Knockers pop over to The Adventures of Austin.

If you’d like to pre-order the book ahead of its release then I’ve included my Amazon Affiliate like for you below.  You can also see what What’s Better Than Books? thinks tomorrow as this blog tour continues.


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