Murder Mystery over the festive season?

Murder Mystery over the festive season?

I do love a good thriller or detective story and I’ve had a bit of a passion for Murder Mystery evenings for years.  Being 6 months pregnant when I had my hen weekend stopped any ideas of mad weekends in Paris but it didn’t stop me and my friends have a wonderful time in Baker Street, London on a Murder Mystery Weekend.  Will you be having a Murder Mystery over the festive season?

Murder Mystery over the festive season?I’ve always been to murder mystery events run by professional companies but Red Herring Games offer you some great fun this festive season with some games you can play with friends at home!

So if you fancy getting together with friends and trying out a Murder Mystery over the festive season, then look no further.  Red Herring Games have a few sets perfect for this time of year – Murder at Merkister Hall and Rung Out in the New Year are games for 10 players and T’was a Death before Christmas is a set for 8 players!  Great titles aren’t they.

The sets come with everything you need to stage your own Murder Mystery Evening.

Murder Mystery over the festive season?

Even the box forms part of the game.  Inside you will find invitations and envelopes to post off to your guests along with a character booklet for each of them, full instructions, name labels and place settings for your dinner table, CD, DVD and script for the inspector as well as a booklet with hints, and recipes to make your night go with a bang!

Murder Mystery over the festive season?

In Murder at Merkister Hall you might be entertaining guests as Brigadier Balderdash or his wife Lotta, when their butler Leversham is found dead in the billiard room.  Personally I would have to fake it as a man for the night and play Bruce Bugatti – a rather untidy racing driver – the part is made for me!

In T’was a Night Before Christmas you could be a carol singer visiting Mid-Trimming Manor,where you find the owner Bob Scratchitt dead in his lounge.  With another bit of type casting Daddy P would have to play Chris Tingle – the Grocer, who does love his fruits.  The perfect role for my husband!

There will certainly be some New Years fun with friends over Rung Out in the New Year

So much for being a season of goodwill and glad tidings; this Christmas it looks as though someone had some very ill will indeed! Who could have killed the New Years Eve host with most – Mark Roundim?  One of my friends has played a lot of home set murder mystery parties so she will be giving us her viewpoint on this particular game in the future.

But from my point of view, these games look great fun.  They are well presented and everything you could need bar the costumes (should you wish to truly get into character) are provided.  Priced at £39.99 these sets can provide a different idea when entertaining friends over the Christmas period.  They are specifically designed to play over dinner, therefore taking 2-3 hours to play out.

Are you a super sleuth looking for a new challenge this Christmas?  Have you played this sort of game with friends at home before?  Would love to hear your stories.  Obviously I was the Hen who had been plucked and stuffed!

disclaimer:  we were sent this game in exchange for an honest review




4 thoughts on “Murder Mystery over the festive season?

  1. I’ve never done a murder mystery game but I do have one unused on the shelf. Oddly, my best friend bought it for me for Christmas, the same year I bought her one. SPooky!

  2. I did smile when I found your review for Red Herring Games. It’s great to know you enjoyed them. I’m thinking of buying one for my birthday (and I know Joanne from #SBS).

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