My Seedlets – Insect Hotel and planting Courgettes – AD sent for review

disclosure: we were sent the items mentioned for the purpose of review, our comments, however, remain our own honest opinions.

We’re trying to inspire my son to get up close and personal to nature by looking at insects and growing his own vegetables. I recently read a post by the lovely Chez Maximka about gardening with her son using products from a company called My Seedlets.  My Seedlets has been set up by Blue Peter’s resident gardener, Chris Collins, to provide children with specifically designed gardening equipment and accessories to help them utilise their green fingers.  There are different items available in three ranges – beginners 3-5 years, intermediate 5-10 years and experts 8-14 years.

Well, I was really chuffed when they agreed to send Monkey some items so he can pursue his gardening hobby 🙂 through the online shop The Handpicked Collection.

My Seedlets

The weather has been awful, and I must admit to being a bit of a ‘good weather only’ kind of gardener myself (bad habit I know).  Anyway, finally we had some sunshine so it was time to get a couple of our My Seedlets projects underway.

First up was our new Insect Hotel – as you will know from a couple of previous posts, we are keen on insects in this household so I thought the Insect Hotel would be a great addition.

Insect Hotel

I got Daddy P to nail the hotel up on one of our fence posts in a position where we can observe any activity from our Living Room as the months go by.  As with gardening, this will be a test of patience for my son as we wait for our guests to arrive.  My Dad thinks we may attract lone bees and wasps (not too keen on wasp visitors) in the summer and hopefully some ladybirds during the winter.  We will keep you posted.

Secondly, we had received a number of different vegetable seeds and decided to plant up some Courgettes in the Propagator they came with.  So my son donned his new gardening gloves, picked up his trowel (I really like this plastic set, he does have a metal set which soon became more like dangerous weapons!) and we set to work.

planting courgettes

He definitely enjoys this process ….


So now the waiting begins for those first shoots.  He will be checking their progress every day I’m sure.  Each item in the My Seedlets range comes with some tips from Chris ….

Tips from Chris

to help the budding young gardener.

I love this range of products and they have certainly inspired Monkey.  Over the weekend we will be planting Pumpkins, Carrots and Parsnips along with some Lettuce and Rocket – watch this space for the next update ……





19 thoughts on “My Seedlets – Insect Hotel and planting Courgettes – AD sent for review

  1. What a lovely package for an introduction into gardening – I do think the insect hotel is fab! Can’t wait to see the results of Monkey’s hard work, keep us posted here on Country Kids.

  2. I have been reading about these and it sounds great! Recently we visited an insect hotel at a local country park…very cool thing to have in your back garden!

    1. So do I, although we’ve had a bit of a nightmare with the tomato plants we planted from seeds a while ago, as my OH in his wisdom decided they didn’t need the lid on the propagator any more and they haven’t liked the cold weather. Going to have to magic some up from somewhere before Monkey realised what’s happened as he’ll be gutted.

  3. Good luck with all your planting 🙂 We’re starting to get lots of shoots with ours… Like the idea of an insect hotel.

    1. Thanks, we’ve had a disaster with the first round of cherry tomato seedlings – bad Daddy took the lid off the propagator and they didn’t like the weather last week 🙁

  4. Fab post! Great package from Seedlets, love the Insect Hotel, I’m sure you’ll enjoy watching all the buzzing things. We’re growing courgettes as well this year. Thank you for the kind mention! 🙂

    1. The Insect Hotel is brilliant, thank you for your wonderful post in the first place, for letting me find this great company. Next post now live shows our efforts with pumpkins, carrots, parsnips, rocket and lettuce 🙂

  5. What a lovely hobby to start, and I wonder if growing courgettes will encourage Monkey to eat them. Mine like most veg but courgettes usually defeat them!

    1. Yes Courgettes and Lettuce are going to be interesting. He is really enjoying watching them grow so I’m hoping something possitive will happen on the eating front! We will see.

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