My Sister, The Serial Killer – sent for review

My Sister, The Serial Killer – sent for review

It may not sound like an easy read, but My Sister, The Serial Killer by Oyinkan Braithwaite kept me turning the pages to find out what happened next.  The book will be published through Atlantic Book on 3rd January 2019, and I’ve just finished reading my advance copy.

My Sister, The Serial Killer

Set in Lagos, Nigeria we meet nurse Korede and her sister Ayoola.  The two sisters couldn’t be more different, both in personalities and looks and one of them is really not what she seems.  When Korede receives a phone call from her sister late at night, she’s not at all surprised to arrive at the apartment belonging to Ayoola’s boyfriend, to find him dead.

So the story of My Sister, The Serial Killer begins.  We soon learn that Ayoola has a habit of stabbing her boyfriends, and Korede always ends up clearing up after her sister.  But why?

We learn about their, now dead, abusive and controlling father and the effect that their childhood has had on both sisters.  Korede works at the hospital and is a respected member of staff.  She has feelings for one of the doctors, Tade, but cannot bring herself to tell him how she really feels.

Ayoola is used to getting what she wants, she’s a beauty and heads always turn in her direction.  But she’s a killer and she takes no responsibility for her actions.

What will happen when Ayoola meets Tade and he falls under her spell? It’s a recipe for disaster and Korede is torn between her love and loyalty to her sister and her concern for a man she cares for.  She spends time sitting by the bedside of a coma victim at the hospital.  With him, she can open up and share her turmoil, knowing that he’s unlikely to ever wake up.  But then a miracle happens and Muhtar wakes up from his coma.  What will he remember?

I don’t want to share any more of the plot, but My Sister, The Serial Killer is actually an enjoyable read, and by the end of the story you do have a small amount of sympathy for Ayoola, circumstances mould each of us in different ways.

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disclosure:  we were sent the book mentioned in exchange for an honest review

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