My STEM Day Engineering – AD sent for review and giveaway

My STEM Day Engineering – AD sent for review and giveaway

With the summer holidays getting ever closer I’m going to be sharing a few activity books with you over the coming weeks which may well stop the dreaded words ‘I’m bored’ from being uttered in your homes! My STEM Day Engineering is one of a series of new fact and activity books recently published through Carlton Books.

My STEM Day Engineering

My STEM Day Engineering is one of a series of four titles aimed at children aged seven years and over.  This sixty-four-page paperback book is jammed full of challenges and activities to engage children with engineering.

My STEM Day Engineering

There are easy to follow instructions that help explain how engineering affects everyday tasks.  From looking at how we get hot water for the shower.

My STEM Day Engineering

To looking at water pressure.

My STEM Day Engineering

Each page is full of colourful graphics and the topic is covered in a way that children will understand and be able to relate to easily.

My STEM Day Engineering

We will definitely be making good use of My STEM Day Engineering in the weeks ahead, especially if this rain doesn’t disappear! As well as the experiments which can be found throughout the book, there is a range of puzzles and quizzes to keep children entertained.

My STEM Day Engineering

Children can learn about how zip wires work and then put what they’ve learned into practice as they make their own miniature version. They can look at how bike gears work up close and become structural engineers.

Other titles in the series include My STEM Day Technology (more on that soon), My STEM Day Mathematics and My STEM Day Science.  You can find out more about these books on the Carlton Books website.

disclosure:  we were sent the item mentioned in exchange for an honest review

I’ve teamed up with Carlton Books to offer one lucky reader the chance to win a copy of My STEM Day Engineering worth £7.99.  Complete the Gleam form below for your chance to win.  Good luck!

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The giveaway will close on 28th July 2019 at midnight.

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My STEM Day Engineering worth £7.99

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59 thoughts on “My STEM Day Engineering – AD sent for review and giveaway

  1. I think my daughter would love sensational science as her favourite she loves experimenting with chemicals they are fascinating

  2. Zip wires! He has a real fixation with them, drives me mad tying them to every door handle in the house lol

  3. Always the how and why of everything – will get me off the hook as my nephew can read for himself

  4. Rise and Shine looks particularly good as a way of helping the children understand the power of the sun.

  5. My son loves to know how things work. If there is stuff about magnets there, even better…

  6. I think they’ll be interested in learning about bike gears, and hopefully not break mine!

  7. I think the children would be fascinated in the whole topic of engineering. Trains is one great interest of one of the children, so steam power would be an aspect which he may quickly explore. As he loves trains generally, so from steam to electric.

    Great prize.

  8. My son loves anything that has a screw and interested in how things work esp trains. He’d love the mechanical engineering side of things more so than say electric or computing engineering.

  9. We have solar panels fitted to the roof, so they could learn how it transfers suns rays to electricity

  10. My daughter would love to learn anything about cars as she is fascinated by how they work.

  11. My daughter loves figuring out how things work, though luckily she hasn’t decided to take anything apart yet lol! She’d love to know about trains most, I think!

  12. learning how to make zipwires work… no doubt i would find them trying to build their own the moment my back was turned ahahah they both love adventure and are extreemly interested in figuring out how things work

  13. Rise and Shine looks particularly good as a way of helping the children understand the power of the sun

  14. What aspect of engineering will you children enjoy learning about and why?
    Science, as they love to find out how things work

  15. My children like playing with water so might like the bit about water pressure, also daddy is a plumber

  16. I think my son would like to see how bike breaks work (and hopefully not take ours apart without us knowing!)

  17. The kids are always asking me about bike gears and I never have an answer! This would be perfect!

  18. My 5 year old is autistic and has a fascination with how things work, he’d definitely love the traffic lights section as he’s very into road signs and vehicles at the moment!

  19. My nephew loves finding our how things work and is also interested in robots / robotics.

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