My STEM Day Technology

My STEM Day Technology – AD sent for review and giveaway

As I mentioned last week, I have another great book to share with you today, which would be perfect to occupy the kids in the summer holidays. My STEM Day Technology is one of a series of new fact and activity books published in June through Carlton Books.

My STEM Day Technology

My STEM Day Technology is one of a series of four titles aimed at children aged seven years and over.  The sixty-four-page paperback book engages children with technology through a series of fun facts and activities.

My STEM Day Technology

The book explains how everyday objects work and how they’ve changed over the years. Then children can complete activities and puzzles to put what they’ve learned into practice.  From learning about clocks and then making a pendulum to understanding how a toaster works and then making their own circuit.

My STEM Day Technology

We’ve done a lot of baking over the years and watching what yeast does to make bread and hot cross buns rise is still a highlight for my son.

My STEM Day Technology

Children learn about airwaves and how to make a sound booster as well as learning about satellites and biros. My son’s been fascinated with bar codes recently so My STEM Day Technology has been useful to talk him through the technology before the codes he sees on the products we buy.

My STEM Day Technology

He can then make his own bar codes and decode them.  That will keep him busy when I’m working in the weeks to come!

I’m all for him helping with household chores and he can learn about how vacuum cleaners work and then have fun with the technology behind it.

My STEM Day Technology

Other titles in the series include My STEM Day Engineering (check out last week’s post), My STEM Day Mathematics and My STEM Day Science.  You can find out more about these books on the Carlton Books website.

disclosure:  we were sent the item mentioned in exchange for an honest review

I’ve teamed up with Carlton Books to offer one lucky reader the chance to win a copy of My STEM Day Technology worth £7.99.  Complete the Gleam form below for your chance to win.  Good luck!

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My STEM Day Technology worth £7.99

68 thoughts on “My STEM Day Technology – AD sent for review and giveaway

  1. They seem to enjoy trying to build and balance things so I guess that would be engineering.

  2. How things work, our Grandson loves to know how things work, he has a very inquisitive mind

  3. How to build things my son’s always making things maybe this could give him some ideas

  4. How everyday household items work, the vacuum cleaner would appeal because our little Grandson loves finding what things are made of and what they can do.

  5. What aspect of technology will you children enjoy learning about and why?
    computing as he is obsessed with it

  6. Ho everyday objects work cos they are always keen to know the answer to this question

  7. my son is fixated on electrical circuits just now. He’ll love finding about where they are used in everyday life.

  8. Learning is Life Long, it starts probably with curiosity, trying out new things, being adventurous, not being aware of any risks / dangers (no fear, no anxiety. Maybe even some excitement at experimentation / investigating, etc). It is Parents ( Parental Responsibility), Health and Safety measures :- Information, advice, guidance a, policies, etc. Which can help to Prevent Harm / Imjuries, etc. As we learn from experience, so can learn from others, books, Internet, etc.

    Science is interesting, sometimes fascinating. Technology it seems is constantly being updated, so ever changing / new, interesting. Engineering, so practical, useful. Maths, does it start with Arithmetic as it did with previous generations, arithmetic is practical and useful in Business, etc. Other mathematics useful for other aspects of life.

    So to have a natural curiosity, a caring, sharing Enviroment and Community which aims to Reduce Risks of Harm. To read and learn before experimenting in practice seems Safest. Also it maybe opens up the possibilities, opportunities, etc for the future. Hands on job, management / supervisory role, researcher, planner, etc, etc. Let us hope that Employment Oppotunities open up for future generations. Whilst public health and wellbeing improves. Employment should be to earn a living, receive a sense of self – esteem / self -worth, provide for family, give to / improve community / country (economic situation, reputation, cohesiveness, etc) Quality of Life is Important for us all. Education can lead to opportunities.

  9. Probably the barcode scanner- we read something last year about the different digits relating to country of origin etc and he was fascinated

  10. my son loves finding out how things work, so anything with an engineering bent would be welcomed

  11. The children I look after are really interested in clocks and trying to tell the time, so finding out about how clocks work would be a great hit, in my house.

  12. My son would love to know how mobile phones work although he’s still too young to have a phone – he’s 7

  13. At the moment they are amazed with talking on the mobile – a bit confused with the different people though

  14. My nephew would love reading about circuits. We had a go making circuits at the science museum, so I’m sure he would love to know more!

  15. Taking things apart and working out how to put them back together is one of my sons favourite things to do

  16. how zipwires work because they are super curious and adventurous no doubt id catch them trying to make their own any time i turned my bike aha

  17. How everyday objects work how they were invented and how they’ve changed through time it’s so fascinating to find out these facts

  18. Super scanners looks good, that will make an interesting chat the next time there is an unexpected item in baggage area

  19. My sons’ are into engineering and love finding how things are designed to make things work

  20. My boys like to take things apart to see how they work, they may need a few lessons on how to put them back together again though.

  21. Build a circuit looks interesting, my daughter is fascinated by electrical circuits

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