more #my99psummer fun, @99pstoresuk

More #my99psummer fun – AD gifted items

disclosure:  we were given vouchers to purchase the items mentioned for review

We’ve had more #my99psummer fun this week with the last of the items from my bargain bag from @99pstoresuk – can you believe that my bargains have kept my son busy all summer!

First out of the bag for some arts and craft fun were …..

more #my99psummer fun, @99pstoresuk

My son started by making a Bugs collage with his foam bug shapes.  The large shape needed to be glued down on the drawing pad page, but the pack of small bugs were self-adhesive.  He had lots of fun sticking them all down.

Then it was on to painting and colouring using more pages from his drawing pad.

more #my99psummer fun, @99pstoresuk

He loved using the A3 pages from this pad as he’s only really used A4 sized paper before.  He decided that he was painting a Grand Prix Racing circuit complete with cars!

His final masterpieces ……

more #my99psummer fun, @99pstoresuk

Then onto the last item from our #my99psummer bargain bag.

more #my99psummer fun, @99pstoresuk Football and Cones

Now I had expected him to want to start kicking his little football about in the garden and I’d explain that the cones were for an obstacle course.  But he is known for finding totally different uses for his toys – he gave the football to our cat Brewster as a toy (sharing for once!!!) and decided the cones were safety cones for his building site!!

more #my99psummer fun, @99pstoresuk Safety Cones

We’ve had so much fun with our #my99psummer bargain bag ……

more #my99psummer fun, @99pstoresuk

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