Frisbee fun with #my99psummer,

#my99psummer with @99pstoresuk update – AD gifted items

disclosure:  we were gifted the items mentioned in this post

Following on from my initial #my99psummer post, I decided we must be due for a #my99psummer with @99pstoresuk update!  So here it is.

My son has been obsessed with all things aviation since our aviation day and then our trip to the Air Tattoo at Fairford a couple of weeks ago. He’s been playing with his airport a lot since then so it seemed natural that this was the next bargain to give him……

#my99psummer aeroplane, #my99psummer with @99pstoresuk update

He loves this plane – it makes an engine noise and has flashing lights.

Monkey Airways , #my99psummer with @99pstoresuk update

Sadly the lights and sound no longer seem to be working, I think there was quite a bit of continuous button holding from my son involved, but he still seems to love this new aeroplane.

I hadn’t been in my 99pstore bargain bag for a week or two, so decided that I really should remedy this.  What to pick out?  It was a lovely afternoon so I decided on an outdoor activity or two.

#my99psummer, @99pstoresuk, #my99psummer with @99pstoresuk update

First out of the packet were the 3 ‘Cars’ themed frisbees.  He had never seen a frisbee before, and it had to be said that I am not the best frisbee thrower in the world!  But we had a great time and they are just the right size for him and for our small garden.

Frisbee fun with #my99psummer, #my99psummer with @99pstoresuk update

The pack of 3 frisbees kept us amused for ages. He loves Cars and Lightning McQueen too, so this established the frisbees as an instant hit anyway. I can see these being well used by Monkey this summer.

We had a break and then decided to open the pack of Gliders.  There are 3 different styles of the glider in the pack and 4 kits for each style – 12 gliders in all, a bargain for 99p!!  We agreed that I would assemble one of each style (they are made of a thin foamy material so a bit too delicate for a 3 and half-year-old boy to assemble himself).  There are instructions on the back of the packet ….. Glider instructions #my99psummer, #my99psummer with @99pstoresuk update

…… and they are very easy to make – phew!

gliders #my99psummer, 99pstoreuk, #my99psummer with @99pstoresuk update

…..  and they actually do fly!  I did get the red one doing loop the loops – by accident, but still, quite impressive.

 flying gliders #my99psummer, #my99psummer with @99pstoresuk update

When Daddy P is around I’ll have to get him to video us flying the gliders, I took some footage but it hasn’t come out very well.

Now I do have to say that these gliders are not made of the sturdiest material and a heavy-handed boy has already broken two out of the three planes, but a bit of sticky tape and they’ve been back in flights.  For 99p I really can’t complain.  We have enough in the pack to give one to each of his NCT buddies when we next see them too, and still have a few spares left over.  I can see that these may not last much past the summer, but we’ll certainly have some fun with them. Chucks away and off we go!



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