MyTrendyPhone – a review

I love my iPhone 5, it’s great, I’m permanently attached it.  That might not be such a good thing!  But it does go everywhere with me.  I have one problem, when I’m in the car, my phone is in my bag.  It would be great to make use of the GPS when I’m out and about, and to be able to use the hands free options.  MyTrendyPhone have come to my rescue.

MyTrendyPhone are online retailer offering a whole host of phones as well as accessories for them, laptops, cameras and tablets.  They’ve been around for 10 years and have thought of pretty much anything you could possibly need.  I had a number of options available, but I decided on the iProDock 5 priced at £27.50.

MyTrendyPhoneThe service was prompt, and delivery costs as little as £1.90.

The iProDock 5 was really easy to put together and came with clear instructions – always a bonus for me!  As it can work with various iPhone models, I selected the correct cable connects for my iPhone 5 so I can charge my phone whilst in the car too. I already had the cable and charging port.  Then all I needed to do was clean the dashboard with the cloth provided, fix the disc to the dashboard, wait 24 hours and fit the Dock.

The spring-loaded hatch makes it easy to place the phone in the dock and to remove it at the end of my journeys.  I like the fact that there is a 360 degree movement on the docking arm too. So thanks to MyTrendyPhone I’m now hands free and know where I’m going!

disclaimer:  we were sent this item mentioned for the purpose of review, our comments however remain our own honest opinions.




8 thoughts on “MyTrendyPhone – a review

  1. That does look like a good docking station. It would be handy for using the GPS. I’ve never been convinced about using hands free, I think I would still get distracted! Do you find that?

    1. I haven’t used handsfree for so long, my hearing isn’t so great and I’ve really struggled with ear pieces. Going to try the loud speaker option on this over the holidays.

  2. I need something just like that! My phone ends up everywhere in the car – On the floor, in a drinks holder, on my lap, everywhere! x

  3. Great idea in place of a sat nav. Hubby is always nagging at me to have something in the car. My phone is also always in my bag

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