Naturelly Jelly Juice

Naturelly Jelly Juice

We’ve recently been introduced to the Naturelly Jelly Juice range, a totally new concept for us.

Naturelly Jelly Juice

Naturelly Jelly Juice  are a range of reduced fruit sugar and gelatine free jelly juices, coming in 3 different flavours – Apple and Blackcurrant, Tropical Fruits and Summer Fruits.

The drinks are designed for children aged 2 years and over and contain no added sugars (there is 7g of fruit sugar per 100g pouch) or sweeteners, but do include vitamins A, C and E.

I have to be honest, I was rather intrigued when these arrived.  What on earth would they look and taste like?  Regular kids juice drinks, I have an idea of what they might taste like, and a definite idea of what they will look like.  I wanted to test the Naturelly Jelly Juice for myself before seeing what a 5 year old Monkey thought of them.

Naturelly Jelly Juice

I wasn’t quite sure what to expect, especially as I’m not really a great juice drinker myself. I tried the Summer Fruits version, and I was pleasantly surprised.  The drink is refreshing and doesn’t leave an unpleasant aftertaste.  I was struggling to think how to describe it, so I emptied some out into a glass for you to see.  The Naturelly Jelly Juice is thicker than normal juice drinks, so you don’t get the issue of kids drowning themselves in it rather than drinking it, but it’s not as solid as jelly.  It does wobble though!  I actually quite like it.

But what would a 5 year old Monkey think?

Naturelly Jelly Juice

I have to be honest, he’s not taken to them as well as I thought he might.  I think he was rather shocked the first time he tried one of the pouches as the consistency wasn’t quite what he expected.

But I can see them being a great idea for youngsters to enjoy when they are out and about. They are certainly a ‘mess free’ drinks option.  The Naturelly Jelly Juice are available in packs of 12 x 100g pouches for £8.40 plus P&P, or 24 x 100g pouches for £16.80 plus P&P via the website.

disclaimer:  we received the items mentioned in exchange for an honest review


2 thoughts on “Naturelly Jelly Juice

  1. How unusual!
    It does look a bit thick in the glass, more like jelly just before it sets. Although I can see how it allows children to drink more slowly and reduces mess.

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