Nature's Treasures

Nature’s Treasures – AD sent for review and giveaway

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We live in challenging times and I hope that if nothing else, the last eighteen months have given us all a greater appreciation for the world around us. I’m always telling my son to really look at everything he’s walking past, rather than letting nature pass by in a blur.  On 18th November a really rather wonderful book for children is published through DK, called Nature’s Treasures which is written by Ben Hoare.

Nature's Treasures

This 192-page hardback book is predominately aimed at children aged 7-9 years of age and is packed full of beautiful illustrations and photography.

Nature's Treasures

Nature’s Treasures tells children all about intriguing objects from the natural world that are made by animals, plants and even planet Earth itself.  The book is split into four sections: Animals, Plants, Fungi and Algae, Minerals and Rocks as well as Items made by Nature.

Nature's Treasures

Nature's Treasures

Each page informs children about different Nature’s Treasures and it’s one of those books that you can spend ages just looking through.  My son and I have both enjoyed reading this book.  There’s always something new to learn and now he’s at Secondary School he’s getting to look at certain treasures under the microscope, so this book is still relevant for older children too in my opinion.

Nature's Treasures

Nature's Treasures

Snowflakes are always so fascinating aren’t they and it always amazes me that each one is totally unique.

Nature's Treasures

As soon as we turned the page and spotted the Pyrite, my son recalled our visits to the Natural History Museums in Oxford and London where he’s got to see examples of this up close.  He’s still not one for actually reading the blurb that goes with museum exhibits, so this book has given him an insight into what’s he’s missed!

Nature's Treasures

I always love anything that can be related to schoolwork in a fun way and as my son is learning about the solar system in more detail now in Physics than he had in Primary School, he was eager to soak up the facts on Meteorite that he could use in class.

Nature's Treasures

Nature’s Treasures really is an excellent reference for children, with captivating illustrations and is full of lots of useful information.  I’ve included my Amazon Affiliate link below (I do earn from qualifying purchases) in case you fancy this for your own bookcase.

I’ve teamed up with DK to offer one lucky reader the chance to win a copy of Nature’s Treasures book worth £20.00 for themselves.  Just complete the Gleam form below to enter.  Good luck!

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Nature’s Treasures book worth £20.00 UK only

113 thoughts on “Nature’s Treasures – AD sent for review and giveaway

  1. When we were in lockdown we really did start to appreciate nature a lot more and I have started to try and grow certain things. I have also planted tulip bulbs ready for next year for the first time ever haha. This is a wonderful book for the children.

  2. I love the beauty of a forest.. My grandparents lived in the New Forest , and I spent many happy days as a child exploring and playing in the forest .. I have such happy memories .

  3. What a question! Where to start with answering that one! I feel like I’m at one with nature, connected, happy. I find it fascinating and magical. Just one little example from the last time I was in the garden is that I found a leaf that had decomposed and just left this stunning little fairy wing pattern. It was spectacular! You just need to be paying attention and the magic is there!

  4. It is such a fascinating subject and there is always something new to learn. My great grandson, who is 4, enjoys nature and I am sure there would be something in the book that he would love

  5. i’m lucky. i have nature on my doorstep. i love feeding the birds in my garden. i have tits, nuthatches, woodpeckers, sparrows, magpies and crows amongst others

  6. Wow that’s quite a question to answer! I think the natural world is just beautiful and wonderful. I love how much diversity our planet has. So much amazing plant life and animals.

  7. I love all the amazing variety of animals, their colours and shapes all so distinct, but so much in common too.

    1. Love seeing all of the little birds in the garden. Sadly they all disappear when the Red Kites are about, but the proud little Robin tries to be brave and stick it out.

  8. I love spotting wildlife, particularly something that I haven’t seen before because I like to see things on their natural habitat.

  9. Love the metamorphosis of caterpillars to butterflies and moths, tadpoles to frogs and toads. Nature is wonderful

  10. I love trees and wildlife. I have lived in the countryside my whole life and I love the quiet and the calmness. Nature is wonderful.

  11. I just love the feeling of peace that I find I have when I’m out in nature. It’s something so beautiful and simple.

  12. I love to walk in the countryside and look for the wild animals, deers and foxes and others, makes me appreciate life so much more

  13. I love it as if ever I am in a pickle, I go for a walk and gaze at the wonders that nature is. We wouldn’t exist without out it so I remind myself to be thankful

  14. I have two crazy labradors that insist on being walked even when it is chucking it down, can usually count on nature to cheer me up on these walks, its so nice to see all the wildlife especially the deer.

  15. I love all thing nature but i love taking the kids to the beach in winter to see the huge waves,wind and looking for shells,stones and sea glass

  16. I love the changing of the seasons. There is a lake behind my house and it looks so different when the seasons change.

  17. I absolutely love when the leaves on the trees start to change colour and fall, as there are such a vibrant range of colours.

  18. I love being outdoors with my kids – at the beach, the park, the woods – so many options. Love going to our local woods and seeing the changes throughout the year – especially the bluebells in the spring.

  19. just love all the life in a garden, we have a family of weasels that visit, a hedgehog loads of squirrels and loads of different birds ,its a well kept wild garden (so the hubby says) truth be told hes too lazy to do more than he has to 🙂

  20. I see something new each time I go for a walk. Today, I saw a pair of swans on a river; one waited for the other before swimming passed a barking dog together.

  21. During lockdown I appreciated nature more everyday. From the wonderful collection of birds that came into our garden to the wonderful new walks we found. We appreciated the exercise and beauty of the countryside and our two grandsons are absolutely fascinated by all aspects of nature and loved going on a bug hunt, leaf hunt and they got such pleasure from the simpler things in life.

  22. I’m in awe of the natural world, it is so full of surprises and I discover something new every day. It’s just wonderful.

  23. Love that the seasons have their own uniqueness, always changing giving us the perfect habitats for ourselves and our animals and fauna. our blue planet is spectacular.

  24. I love watching trees in the wind. The way that the leaves and branches sway and shake is so fascinating and both visually and audibly!

  25. For us as a family we love nothing more than being amongst nature it’s the freedom you can have in a forest or the peace you get from watching the waves

  26. I love walking along the beach and seeing all the different rocks and how the cliffs are so dramatic and change as I walk along

  27. It’s never boring! There’s always a new discovery or something to read or learn about relating to animals and nature.

  28. I’ve always loved nature and animals, I love that all animals have their part in the world and make sense to their environment

  29. I love watching the birds coming to my feeders in the garden, its good to know that a little means a lot to so many birds!

  30. I love nature it can be so beautiful! I love sunsets but I really love trees the most and how they take over no matter what

  31. Me and my boys love to find beautiful flowers hidden in what appears to be ugly surroundings. We think there is beauty everywhere, you just have to look for it!

  32. I like how our natural world is so interesting and that there is always something to say about it and something to learn about it.

  33. I’m amazed how everything in nature has it’s place and every single little creature knows what to do and how amazingly it all works together

  34. I am always totally amazed at how evolution means that each organism has a place in a huge and interconnected structure, and we mess around with it at our peril.

  35. I like how going outside and being near nature can make us feel part of something bigger, and it can be a way of reducing stress. Thanks for running the giveaway 🙂

  36. I love how it’s going on around us, even little things, like birds, insects, trees, plants, flowers, amazing

  37. I live near the beach and sometimes I have to pinch myself at how lucky I am. The UK has some of the most beautiful coastline in the world in the UK. It’s important that we respect it. Remember to take your litter home.

  38. No matter how harsh things are in the natural world it always survives and flourishes when it is allowed to do so.

  39. Brilliant question! I love that nature isn’t just one think, there are so many different parts of nature and it’s always changing. I particularly love sitting listening to the birds after a lovely woodland walk.

  40. We have an allotment and it’s amazing how everything grows, and all the little creatures that inhabit that space. My daughters favourites are woodlouse!

  41. I like going for walks and hikes in nature as I find it refreshing and allows me to clear my mind.

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