New shoes for a new year from Clarks

New boots for a new year from Clarks

Monkey is certainly taking after his father when it comes to his feet.  Daddy P takes size 14 shoes, it’s a nightmare getting his shoes and socks for that matter!  Monkey is going to be the same I’m sure, and with lots of adventures planned over the coming months I decided that he needed some new boots for a new year from Clarks.
New shoes for a new year from Clarks
Other than wellies, all of Monkey’s footwear has come from Clarks.  I am that OCD mother who gets her child’s feet measured every 8-10 weeks from the moment he wears his first shoes.  We’ve been through massive growth spurts over the first couple of years.  But now his shoes do tend to last a little bit longer. I’d been thinking about buying Monkey some sturdy winter boots, a mid way point between trainers and wellies, that he could wear on our adventures.  When the team at Clarks asked me we’d like to check out their ranges, it was perfect timing.
I normally go to our local branch at Bicester Village, but we needed to visit Banbury on Sunday so it was the perfect opportunity to look at the store there instead for a change.
Monkey is not a particularly happy shopper and it would be fair to say that he doesn’t enjoy the whole shoe shopping experience.  This could be fun.
When we entered the store, it was nice and bright, we were welcomed and one of the assistants advised us that if we wanted to have Monkey’s feet measured we would need to select a numbered ticket.  Just the same as in Bicester, but without the crowds of people.   
As Monkey is already over a size 9 he gets to try out the ‘iPad fitting experience’ complete with fun on-screen characters.  (They are fun, even if this face isn’t reflecting that – honest).
New shoes for a new year from Clarks
Although we’ve used this before, Monkey, being Monkey, was less than sure about trying it again.  
New shoes for a new year from Clarks
New shoes for a new year from Clarks
The assistant was brilliant with him, and he was measured as a 12G.  His feet had grown again, so we definitely needed some new shoes.
We had a look at the boot styles available and Monkey picked one he liked.
New shoes for a new year from Clarks
We asked the assistant if it was available in Monkey’s size and off she went.  She came back, unfortunately they didn’t have stock in store, but she could order it in for us.  She’d also bought out 3 different options along the same lines as the style we’d picked as alternatives.  Daddy P had already spotted the Fleet Up Goretex shoes and it was time for Monkey to try them on.
 New shoes for a new year from Clarks
Proper big boy boots for my 5 year old.  The assistant checked the fit and decided an F fitting might be better.  We get this with Monkey, his trainers are an F and his school shoes are a G.  It’s why I always like to get all of his shoes checked to ensure he really does have the best fit possible.   The 12F were a great fit and Monkey was coming round to the idea of new boots.

These boots cost £50.00, they are leather, waterproof and use Goretex technology, so absolutely perfect for a Monkey on the move.

New shoes for a new year from Clarks

As well as these great boots, I also bought a pair of plimsolls for Monkey, again these come in different fittings and the assistant confirmed the 12G was a good fit for him.  Now he’s all kitted our for his PE lessons which start properly this term.

New shoes for a new year from Clarks

It was the first time Daddy P had come shopping for shoes with Monkey and he was really impressed with the fitting and service in Clarks.  The shoes are good quality and I’m prepared to pay for that to ensure my son’s ever-growing feet are well looked after.  But please, if they could stop growing by an adult size 12 that would be fab.

disclaimer:  we were given a voucher to purchase the boots highlighted in exchange for an honest review.  I bought the plimsolls myself. 


10 thoughts on “New boots for a new year from Clarks

  1. Glad you had a good experience in our local store. Apart from N’s first pair of shoes, and some doodles when he was really young, we’ve not been able to find any Clarks shoes that either I like or that fit him properly. Really annoying when you know the shop is convenient and it means you have to go trekking off elsewhere.

    I never really look at boots for N because I’m never sure about them rubbing on the ankles, plus he’s not great about taking his shoes off properly and won’t put them on himself so there’s not much hope for boots. Maybe next year!

  2. It’s amazing how quickly their feet grow isn’t it. Miss A is only a size 13 though and she’s two years older than Monkey.

  3. I do like the fitting experience in Clarks and they always take the time to check they fit well don’t they. The boots were a great choice!

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