Hornbeam Road

Nextbase Dash Cam 412GW – AD sent for review and giveaway

I’m the first to admit that I’m not a very techie person and we aren’t a family of gadget lovers.  Generally we’re rather prehistoric when it comes to modern technology but as my son gets older he’s dragging us into the 21st century.  One item that I really can see the point of having is a dash cam, especially with some of the driving I see whenever I need to go on the motorway.  We were recently approached to see if we’d like to try out the Nextbase Dash Cam 412GW and I decided it was about time that we had this particular piece of tech in our lives.

Hornbeam Road

We also received a 32GB microSD Card which works with the Nextbase range of Dash Cams.  The set comes with a Nextbase 412GW Pro Dash Cam, Click&Go GPS Powered Magnetic Mount, Self Adhesive Windscreen Mount, 4m Cigarette Lighter Power Cable, 1.2m USB Mini Cable, Quick Start Guide and a Protected by Nextbase Dash Cams Window Sticker.

Nextbase Dash Cam 412GW

There are quick tips to get started with the Nextbase Dash Cam 412GW on the peel off screen protector as well as the Quick Guide, and a full installation manual is available to view online.

Nextbase Dash Cam 412GW

The microSD card fits in the relevant slot, and you need to make sure it clicks into place properly.  Push it again and you can remove it.

Nextbase Dash Cam 412GW

The GPS Magnetic Mount fits easily to the top of the Dash Cam once you’ve removed the cover and as we’ll be sharing the Nextbase Dash Cam 412GW between our two cars we’ve not used the self adhesive windscreen mount as yet.

Make sure you format the SD card before you try to operate the dash cam for the first time.  This is easily done via the Setting menu on the dash cam itself.  Then you are ready to go.

The Nextbase Dash Cam 412GW comes with a 4m long Cigarette Lighter Power Cable which is more than long enough.  We run the cable under the passenger sun visor to avoid any issue with visibility.  My OH has an inbuilt sat-nav, but my car doesn’t, so I’ll need to invest in a double adaptor so I can use my sat nav and the dash cam at the same time for unfamiliar journeys.

The mount fits to the windscreen easily, switch the dash cam on and select the mode you require, either photo or video (you can play back the footage too) and you are ready to go.

Nextbase Dash Cam 412GW

It’s easy to tilt the dash cam to get the best viewing angle of the road ahead.  we’ve not had the opportunity to test the Nextbase Dash Cam 412GW out at night yet but this model offers improved night vision for clear footage in poor lighting conditions too.  The dash cam has 140° viewing angle so it is able to capture the entire road ahead.  It can also protect your car when it’s stationary using the in-built intelligent parking mode.

Nextbase Dash Cam 412GW

With a 1440p resolution both the stills and video footage are very clear when downloaded on the free Cam Viewer app.  The app is also really easy to use and connects to the Dash Cam via WiFi.  You can save photos and video to your phone and if I can use it, then quite frankly, any one can.  The app is available for both Android and iOS users.

The Nextbase Dash Cam 412GW inbuilt battery also provides 30 minutes of backup in the event of an incident. Other features include GPS Logging so that you can view your journey on Google Maps, automatic recording as well as automatic file protection.  The range of Nextbase dash cams are also endorsed by AA.

We’ve found it really user-friendly and it also adds a bit of reassurance when we’re driving off on a new adventure.

Nextbase have a range of dash cams available offering different levels of features to suit all pockets and these are available to buy from a number of retailers.

disclosure:  we were sent the item mentioned in exchange for an honest review

I’ve teamed up with Nextbase to offer one lucky reader the chance to win a Nextbase Dash Cam 412GW worth £129.99.  Complete the Gleam form below for your chance to win.  Good luck!

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The giveaway will close on 2nd June 2019 at midnight.

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Nextbase Dash Cam 412GW worth £129.99

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  1. I would love to go on a road trip around France as there are so many famous landmarks that I want to see like the Eiffel Tower, Notre Dame, Arc de Triomphe etc

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  3. I like travelling North on the A1 as it means I will see my grandchildren and daughter soon

  4. I love travelling South to Devon and Cornwall, it’s a long trip but I know I will see my Nan who is 95 and we enjoy the lovely beaches and the sea!

  5. A road trip to an airport is my favourite, because it means we’re going on holiday!

  6. Trough of Bowland near Lancaster – so much beauty right on our doorstep

  7. The best road trip is along the West Coast of the USA because of fabulous scenery and its’ hippie past.

  8. I love the A1 north and south of Newcastle – some fabulous places to visit on those stretches of road!

  9. Hexham to kielder water, its firstly a very challenging drive, especially avoiding logging trucks, its also so beautiful scenery wise with various wildlife cutting across the road and then there is kielder water itself stunning

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  12. we love driving up to north Norfolk, up the east coast. So many beautiful villages to explore on the way.

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  14. I love a road trip to any beach because I love the sea. I especially love going to the local beach we regularly go bodyboarding on.

  15. I’d love to do a road trip from California to Puerto Vallarta, Mexico – my favourite place in the world!

  16. I’m only just learning to drive so a journey to anywhere is still quite exciting for me.

  17. We are lucky enough to live near the norfolk coast and a drive across the coast line through Holkham, Cley and Burnham Market is beautiful

  18. I like driving from North Cornwall right down to the bottom of South Cornwall, not done it in a very long time, I suspect it has changed a lot road wise. Anthony Harrington

  19. I used to enjoy driving north to south Cornwall, not done it for many years, I suspect the roads have changed quite a lot. Anthony Harrington

  20. favourite is amongst the many small roads that link up the Norfolk Broads as there is so much to see along the way and amongst the Broads themselves

  21. We love road trips around scenic areas like the countryside and the seaside, it makes me realise what a beautiful place we live in and appreciate the nature and the atmosphere x

  22. My favourite road trip is to the Airport, knowing I’m going somewhere warm.

  23. Mountain road in the Isle of Man, no speed limit and lovely scenery xx

  24. I love the Highlands in Scotland, you actually feel like you are in another world.

  25. From here in the midlands to Barmouth in wales. Lovely drive on a sunny day.

  26. I love travelling on the Atlantic Highway in Cornwall because the scenery is beautiful.

  27. Route 66 in the USA, because of the scenery and friendly folk one meets along he way

  28. Heading south along the Heads of the Valley to the Gower Peninsula, every mile traveled is a mile closer.

  29. Loch Lomond is nice. I think a drive or visit to beach / loch / river side / sea side is so refreshing and relaxing.

  30. We love driving through Sherwood Forest on a hot summers day with all the windows down allowing the warm air & scent of woodland to fill the car. It’s our favourite place to take our dog ,each visits different depending on the route taken.

  31. Any with my family, but I’d say going to and from centerparcs because we have little traditions of what cd HAS to be on as we drive off from home/centerparcs, the type of music we listen to, the treats we have etc

  32. The trip to Scotland….through the Lake District and Scottish Lowland….breathtaking scenery!

  33. Driving south from Exeter along the south coast is so pretty especially in summer. Love the scenery and the small towns and villages.

  34. I like going to Cornwall to ho camping and surfing. It’s so scenic on the drive and there’s always something for the children to look out for. Then when we are tired and all surfed out we know it’s not too far to head home to Devon.

  35. The trip to see in in-laws amazingly. We go through the South Downs and it’s such a lovely view after 2 hours on the motorway.

  36. I love a trip down to cornwall i always go the back roads through the lovely towns and villages so i can enjoy the scenery as you go.

  37. We love driving round the North Wales coastline and Snowdonia. Beautiful scenic coastline, travelling under tunnels into wonderful scenery. The travelling through atmospheric Snowdonia.

  38. I like to drive through Yorkshire on the A1 , it’s an unspoilt and scenic part of the World with plenty of interesting places to stop .

  39. When my dad used to drive us to Cornwall, it was such a big adventure & you would see some beautiful sights

  40. i love to drive to my mum house, only 15 miles away but through beautiful countryside and villages x

  41. The ca5 and fiddle in Derbyshire…certainly not a boring drive and fantastic scenery

  42. I love to go anywhere in the new forest because it’s such a beautiful part of the country.

  43. I love the road trip from Isle of Wight to Yorkshire, because I get to visit my gorgeous 2 year old grandson.

  44. A trip to Bourton on the water – I love the Cotswolds, and it’s where my mum lives!

  45. Any road trip in Nortumberland is my favourite. This is because it is not too crowded and busy, unlike other parts of the UK and it is a stunningly beautiful county.

  46. This looks amazing! I’ve been thinking of getting a dashcam for so long now and this looks like it fits the bill! 🙂

  47. I love the road to Minehead as the last leg of the journey is all winding roads and makes a lovely change to traffic on the motorways.

  48. I love driving through Snowdonia. The exact route doesn’t matter because so many of the roads are absolutely stunning. I like studying the map first and coming up with a route. It is a great day out alternative if the weather isn’t great on holidays!

  49. I love to travel around the Yorkshire dales and countryside. It’s so peaceful and the scenery is breathtaking

  50. We recently had a 2 night stay in the peak district…it was a lovely drive with amazing views and we can’t wait to do it all again.

  51. We love travelling from our home down to Somerset then Devon finishing in Cornwall. A long long way but such beautiful scenery.

  52. Along the A149 all along the North Norfolk coast – amazing scenery and even more amazing seabirds to watch

  53. the roads around cornwall are our faves, they are so tiny and different and the views that just pop up around the corners are fab!

  54. Along the Crow Rd at the Campsie fells. A nice long road, free of traffic and beautiful scenery.

  55. I love a drive also the Sussex coast, its always so beautiful whatever the weather.

  56. I’ve always loved driving the b roads through Suffolk and Essex, not as much traffic as the main routes!

  57. I did Sydney to Adelaide and I’m not too sure anything else could beat it! It was simply stunning and saw some amazing sites along the way.

  58. Driving to the New Forest, because of the stunning scenery and the lovely animals

  59. I love travelling home to Wales and as soon as we are on the M4 after the Severn Bridge I get excited

  60. We love the coast road from Cromer to Hunstantan as fantastic views of the horizon

  61. My favourite road trip would be a drive down to Bournemouth! We used to love going there to the beach and shops when we were younger, I would love to try that again.

  62. The coast road in Queensland, particularly love Mooloolaba, because that is where my family live

  63. Love the Antrim Coast Road winding up from Belfast along the coast with the Irish sea on one side and the Glens of Antrim on the other. Beautiful scenery and lots of spots to stop on the way x

  64. For me it has to be to the lake distract as the scenery is beautiful and very relaxing

  65. I love the journey to South East London from Staffordshire to see my family. The children get excited when they see the London landmarks in the distance and know we’re getting close.

  66. Last year we drive the North Coast 500 route in Scotland and it was the most stunning drive I have ever been on. I am glad my husband did most of the driving as I spent most of my time gawping at the scenery.

  67. Absolutely love a road trip to Cornwall, there are so many hidden treasures like beaches and cafes and restaurants. You can discover something new everytime.

  68. Our annual road trip from Derby to New Quay in Wales. The scenery is just stunning and there’s the opportunity to spot red kites and dolphins on the journey. It feels like returning to our second home ❤️

  69. The drive between Lake Windermere and Keswick in the Lake District is beautiful.

  70. Mine is driving through the Yorkshire Dales, the scenery is so beautiful 🙂

  71. I love the road from Machynlleth in mid-Wales up over the hills and through the Hafren Forest. The scenery is stunning.

  72. I love the drive along the A30/A303 to Gatwick its nice going through the counties and knowing we are also on our way to our holidays! One of these dashcams would be really useful, the things you see!

  73. The A55 towards Bangor – you can see the bridge over to Anglesey and the surrounding mountains are beautiful.

  74. Used to absolutely love visiting a house called Kinlochard, near Aberfoyle in Scotland. My mum used to live there, and we all adored hiring a boat and visiting the islands in the environs of the house. A wonderful place, would be amazing to put the satnav through its places and discover how much things had changed there in the last 20 years! 🙂

  75. Driving to the Lake district as having to cross over the moors is my favorite part of the drive

  76. We have recently discovered National Trust properties and were enjoying taking road trips to visit them x

  77. I love driving through the wilds of the Brecon Beacons because its such a contrast to the flat, cultivated fenland in Lincolnshire where I live

  78. The beautiful lake district. All the pretty houses and pubs dotted about the beautiful winding countryside ❤️

  79. One road trip that stands out in my memory is from San Francisco down to Monterrey Bay on the Pacific Coast Highway. The road runs along the coast (!) and the scenery is quite spectacular. In some places it is very rugged with cliffs dropping down to the ocean, then there are sheltered sandy bays full of sea lions. We did the drive with our kids and they also enjoyed it as there was always something to see.

  80. I love a trip to the coast – Hastings is our favourite seaside town and the journey is always fun

  81. I love travelling up through Yorkshire to the moors. Its so peaceful there, a great way to de stress x

  82. I love taking a road trip to Manchester as its my favourite place to be xx

  83. I would love to road trip around New Zealand in a camper van but my favourite road trip is into the Peak District!

  84. I love our yearly Summer road trip to the Loch ness, the views are absolutely stunning, There is never ever a dull moment during that road trip.

  85. Love driving to lake district St bees to the caravan lovely scenery most of the way

  86. My best Road Trip was from San Francisco, upto Nappa Valley, down to Yosemite, through Joshua Tree National Park, then Death Valley and ending up in Vegas.

  87. The trip to the Lake District – as you get close and begin to see the mountains in the distance and the seemingly endless sky.

  88. The long drive to Devon from the North East, a long trip but the destination makes it rewarding.

  89. I love road trips to music festivals and concerts with my partner and our siblings, always a giggle and we all share driving

  90. Along the Ayrshire coast. Nice views, sea air and plenty of places to stop at.

  91. My favourite road trip is going up the country to see my old uni friends. Takes 4/5 hours but is worth it!

  92. To my friends house in Cornwall which is about 8 hours drive for me but worth the road trip for the cream tea that awaits me !!

  93. I love road trips when I’m on my own away from the kids and family. Music blaring singing along loudly without a care!

  94. The best feeling is driving in the sun with my family, heading to a beach or park!

  95. Love the Lake District – anywhere that isn’t too long and we get there without my son being sick is a bonus

  96. We love driving through Scotland. The roads are so much quieter and the scenery’s so beautiful xx

  97. We like to take a trip down the Atlantic Highway to visit family and friends.

  98. I love driving around the West Wales coast as there are so many great places to visit and plenty of lovely scenery.

  99. My fave road trip is The Scottish Highlands because of the beautiful scenery! Can’t wait to go on our next one!!

  100. We loved to drive down the Big Sur in California because the scenery was so breath-taking!

  101. My favourite road trip is a trip to visit my nan… it takes us through the Cotswolds with some amazing countryside views and quaint little villages!

  102. I love our road trip including the ferry to visit our family in Belfast, we always play lots of fun games

  103. I would love to take a road trip around Scotland ive never been it looks beautiful

  104. I like going to the West Country (Devon and Cornwall) as I used to enjoy journeys there as a child

  105. Would love to take a road trip round Scotland with my girls. we went in a camper 7 years ago and the scenery is just so stunning, but my youngest doesn’t remember.

  106. My daughter lives at home but she works odd/long hours and my husband works full time so we rarely get the chance to go out on a road trip as a family. Therefore, any road trip anywhere is always welcome because it gives us all a chance to have a good chin wag and catch up!

  107. Trip to our local river and nature reserve, so peaceful and we love feeding the swans and ducks

  108. My father in law lives near Inverness so it’s always a beautiful drive when we go north for a visit x

  109. Love the drive up to the Lake District – we go on holiday there every year, & know all the landmarks on the route (including bottleneck junctions) it gets prettier and prettier the nearer you get!

  110. I love the journey up to the peak district.. such varied views along the way 🙂

  111. I love driving to the Lake District, it’s a couple of hours drive from where I live and the scenery en route is beautiful!

  112. We are really lucky and live about 30 miles away from the Peak District, that’s a lovely drive, the rolling green hills, whatever the weather of time of year really boosts the spirts, sometimes we go just to eat a bag of chips xx

  113. We love visiting north yorkshire and the dales. loads of great scenery and quaint villages to drive through

  114. I love the drive in August which takes me on holiday. I love to get out of Norfolk and go somewhere different.

  115. i love visiting my aunt in Lincolnshire with my two girls,it takes us around 4 hours to get there but its definitely worth the journey as we all love to stay on her farm,the girls really enjoy feeding and mucking out the animals whilst i get to spend some time with my aunt,the scenery on the way down is amazing once we leave the motorway,fresh air and countryside is wonderful and does our bodies the world off good

  116. I love driving in Nothumberland as the roads are quiet and traffic free. The scenery is stunning too!

  117. Italy where my dad came from. Trying the different regional foods along the way, especially the Amalfi Coast

  118. There’s a ‘magical’ country lane local to me that I used to drive on to get to my Nanna’s every Sunday morning when I was caring for her. I would usually drive past baby rabbits with their mothers, hares, pheasants, and even had a mouse run out once too with it’s tail in the air like a dodgem car.

  119. We love Cornwall <3 we are all the way up in Yorkshire and its like a different world down in Cornwall, absolutely love it

  120. I Love our annual trips down to London with the family, living in a small town we love heading down to “the Big Smoke to spend dads money in the fab shops the city has to offer, always an exciting trip!!

  121. WI loved driving from Inverness to Fort William along the banks of Loch Ness and Loch Lochy, beautiful views.

  122. From Carlise up north through Scotland the scenery takes your breath away.In Autumn time is special with all the golden brown’s & purple Heather.

  123. What’s your favourite road trip to take and why?
    the road to North Wales as the scenery on the way is fantastic and then there’s Snowdonia when you get there

  124. I love driving around North Norfolk – stopping at the salt marshes and small inlets seeing the seals and wonderful wildlife

  125. I love driving from South to North Wales along the coast to visit my in laws. The scenery is stunning!

  126. I love travelling along the Suffolk roads near us. There are some really pretty villages and views

  127. I would love to drive some of the alpine routes used on the Tour de France. I’ve done one so far, and it was spectacularly beautiful.

  128. Driving through the Yorkshire Dales as there are some really scenic places and little hamlets.

  129. I love going anywhere on an adventure with my partner and children. Just hop in the van with the tent and go anywhere we want and just explore 🙂

  130. I love driving the west of Scotland, through Glencoe – the views are amazing and the roads are fun to drive. Not in the height of summer though, too busy!

  131. Well I only passed my test 3 months ago so I’ve not been brave enough to travel far yet but I love going on day trips to the seaside.

  132. I love the coastal drive from Dorset to Cornwall – beautiful! (Commenting as Jacqui Rushton)

  133. My favourite road trips are always when we go to Devon. I live in southampton so it always starts off with a drive through the new forest, one of my favourite places. The drive down is always so pretty and goes far too quick.

  134. I love taking a road trip in my motor-home around England, sometimes we go for 6 weeks at a time, we love it

  135. I love just driving and seeing where we end up! A lovely adventure and exciting too!!

  136. A road trip to the zoo as you feel like you are in a different country with all the different animals.

  137. I love the road trip to Blackpool from where we live as it’s mostly really scenic

  138. My favourite road trip is to go to Cardiff and visit family as that is where the majority of my family are! It’s always a great time

  139. I love travelling to Bakewell and Buxton or anywhere in the peak district for that matter. It’s such a beautiful drive with some stunning scenery

  140. I’d love to take a road trip around the UK calling at places I’ve always wanted to visit

  141. Up the M1 to visit my boyfriend in the North East, big smiles all the way as the radio staitons fade in and out

  142. I like to go a nice coastal drive on a summers day for fish and chips and ice cream after a walk looking at the boats

  143. I love to drive around Norfolk because there are no motorways and therefore no motorway stresses!

  144. The coast road round The Isle of Arran is my favourite drive. Stunning views, the chance to see seals, basking sharks, lots of varieties of sea birds. Wonderful.

  145. My favourite road trip is across Dartmoor, there is so much beautiful scenery to take in, lots of Dartmoor ponies and not much traffic.

  146. Nicki
    I like to travel along the coast roads in Devon and Cornwall as the views and landscapes are amazing and you can stop off at little coves to paddle your toes.

  147. I love driving up to Edinburgh as close to the East coast as I can get once I reach Newcastle.

  148. My favourite road trip is Cheddar Gorge, Somerset. The deep gorge is breath-taking.

  149. We love driving through the Dorset countryside where there is very little traffic and lots of beautiful scenery.

  150. My favourite is our drive from Yorkshire to Berkshire that we do at least once a year. It’s my favourite because we are going back to my home town and visiting family and friends that we haven’t seen for a while x

  151. There is a costal road near where I live that has lovely views. It then leads into the countryside and is a relaxing drive

  152. I love travelling to the lleyn peninsula in north Wales as we go through snowdonia and it’s just breathtaking. Theres so many beautiful places to stop off for picnics ❤❤

  153. I love going to Wales as it is great to see the beautiful scenery on the journey.

  154. I love driving through the New Forest, my children love the ponies and I love how calm and peaceful it can feel.

  155. I love to drive to Aysgarth Falls, it’s a beautiful drive and the scenery and views are gorgeous! Plus it’s worth it to dip your toes in the waterfalls

  156. I love driving to the South West on Holiday, If I haven’t had to drive for more than four hours to get there I don’t feel like I am on holiday

  157. The drive from where I live in Sunderland to Scarborough because I love the drive through the country with the nice scenery.

  158. I love taking the trip from my home county of lincolnshire to Norfolk as it feels like i am going home/back to my childhood

  159. My horse riding hat. I love hacking out in the different places I visit and seeing the countryside properly

  160. I’d love to drive through Spain to get the Spanish traditional feel and not the tourist bits

  161. My favourite road trip is to the new forest as it’s such a beautiful place and I also get to visit some wonderful friends while I’m there

  162. I did Route 66 in the US about 10 years and would love to do it again. Stunning journey.

  163. I never mind where we go in the car as long as it’s with my family we have a good time anywhere

  164. My favourite road trip is driving all the way from Devon to Scotland as it is taking me home.

  165. I like our road trips to Alton towers, me and my eldest love doing all 7 big rides!

  166. There isn’t a specific road trip that we take on a regularly basis that we love, but when we go on holiday and come home from our holidays they are always good trips. The excitement of going on holiday and seeing a different place and then the excitement of coming home and sleeping in your own bed!

  167. I love the road trip up to North Wales from South, because all the roads are coastal and you get fantastic views

  168. We love driving around The Trossachs in Scotland. It is such a beautiful, scenic area.