Night by Night Jack Jordan

Night by Night – AD Sent for review

You may recall my review for Before Her Eyes from August last year.  Since then I’ve been eagerly awaiting the next novel from Jack Jordan, and Night by Night, which was published on 2nd May hasn’t disappointed at all.

Night by Night Jack Jordan

In Night by Night we meet Rose Shaw, a wife and mother who is plagued by insomnia.  She lives in Rearwood with her husband Christian and daughter Lily, but all is not well.  Rose’s life is collapsing around her, and her family blame her completely for the car accident in which her other twin daughter Violet drowned.

Living with the trauma of the accident and not knowing how to fix her relationship with her husband and remaining daughter, Rose is lost.  Then one evening a man runs into her and drops a journal that once belonged to a man called Finn Matthews.  Little does Rose know that this journal will change her life as it gives her something to focus on.

As she read’s Finn’s journal it becomes clear to her that she has to find this man and discover the truth behind his disappearance.  It’s a journey that sees her having to face more demons from her past, with a broken relationship with her father and the loss of her own brother some years before.

In Night by Night Rose doesn’t know who to trust, the police seem to be doing their best to avoid investigating what she believes is a man who preys on young men.  As she probes deeper into the events leading up to Finn’s disappearance she uncovers a trail of lies and deception and persecution.  Her efforts also see the gap between her husband and daughter deepen.  Can she get to the truth and rebuild her family?

This book has kept me up long into the night as I just couldn’t put it down.  It’s a gripping thriller and I’ve enjoyed it even more than Jordan’s last book.  The characters are believable, and you, like Rose, want to get justice for Finn and the other missing men she discovers on her quest.  I can thoroughly recommend reading Night by Night and I’ve included my Amazon Affiliate link below (I earn from qualifying purchases).

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Night by Night


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