Og on the Bog

Og on the Bog – review and £43 games giveaway

There are times when you only need to look at a box and the title of a game to know it will be a hit with kids.  Og on the Bog, a new game from Drumond Park, is one such game.  A monster and a toilet – that was more than enough to have Monkey in giggles before we’d even opened the box.

Og on the Bog

Og on the Bog is aimed at children aged 5 years and over, can be played with 2-4 players and requires 3xAA batteries which are not included with the game.

The game comprises – Og on his Bog, 12 toilet rolls, pole and base, spinner and instructions.  My only comment on this is I wish the toilet rolls came in a resealable bag, as I can see them getting easily lost once this game is unpacked.

Og on the Bog

Follow the easy instructions to put the pole and base in place and secure the Bog in the correct way.  Younger children may find it a bit tricky to fold the Bog up correctly to start with.  The pole and base can be easily removed when game play is completed, to store back in the box. Once you turn the game on you will hear Og snoring away.

Each player is given one toilet roll to start and the youngest player begins.  The idea is to be the first player to collect 4 toilet rolls (3 if 4 players are playing) without disturbing Og on the Bog.

Og on the Bog

If the spinner lands on a Red X it means the player has made a noise, Og is likely to wake up, and play moves straight to the next player.  If you land on the hand holding the roll, then you can steal a roll from another player and if you land on the Green Tick then you can try to steal a roll from Og!

That might sound easy, but it’s not just a case of taking a roll from the pole.  You have to push the front step down to see if you’ve been quiet enough not to disturb Og.  If he says anything – run!, your turn is over, and play moves on.  If he grunts or farts (of yes, this game made Monkey laugh, A LOT!) then you can try to remove a roll from Og’s stash.  But be warned if Og shouts out whilst you are trying to steal the roll, you have to drop it back on the poll and run, your turn is over. But if you’re lucky, he might just grunt or fart and you can keep the toilet roll, before play moves on.

Og on the Bog

But that’s not all, should Og provide the ultimate Monkey entertainment and have a massive fart during your turn (this is a game for children) his Bog will explode you must return 2 of your rolls to his pole and play passes on.  Put the Bog back together, and continue.

Og on the Bog

Og on the Bog has provided a lot of entertainment since he took up residence in our house. Priced at £22.99, I can see this game being on lots of Christmas present wish lists this year.

For full information on this and other games in the range, along with stockist details please visit the Drumond Park website.

disclaimer:  we were sent this game to review for the Rainbow Toys Awards


With Christmas just around the corner, I’ve teamed up with Drumond Park to offer you a Two game prize bundle for my latest giveaway!  You can win Og on the Bog and LOGO Lite, which is also a new addition to their range, priced at £19.99.  You can visit The Brick Castle to check our Jenny’s review of LOGO Lite too.  Complete the Gleam form below for your chance to win this games package.  Good luck!

Og on the Bog


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Og on the Bog and LOGO Lite Games Bundle worth £43

272 thoughts on “Og on the Bog – review and £43 games giveaway

  1. I have always loved Monopoly – played it with my family since I was little – I love the competitiveness and the ability to own lots of houses and hotels! I am ALWAYS the shoe!

  2. I love Monopoly as it is a game which is not only fun but also enhances your ability of strategic thinking as well as real maths

  3. My favourite was Guess who, when I was little we used to have tournaments, it was until I grew up Nanna told me that I always picked the same person as a child but always seemed to win…bless her 😉 x

  4. Monopoly is a big family favourite 🙂 all 4 kids love playing it, we have the youngest 2 team up with me & dad while the 2 boys play themselves. All good fun 🙂

  5. My favourite board game is scrabble as we always play it at Christmas and we love winding our Dad up with words that may not be quite right!!!!

  6. monopoly but i can be a bit of a sore loser my mum and dad wouldn’t play it with me when i was a kid as i threw the board at them i’m better now though

  7. I always loved Monopoly. I loved buying streets and putting houses and hotels on and cleaning up 😀

  8. Payday – which is an old one. But my niece and nephew loved it when they were younger and now my great-niece is learning to play it. She’s only just 4 but is getting the hang of it (only second time we’ve had a “play” and she’s nearly got it). 🙂

  9. My favourite board game is Scrabble. I like to exercise my brain and its game all the family can play.

  10. Ludo . We all played this as a family many years ago . It was a particular favourite of my mum’s. The game brings back happy memories .

  11. What’s your favourite board game and why? . . . . . . Scrabble ‘cos words and spelling are so important

  12. monopoly because it lasts so long and you can have tactics! Just beware of the person being banker their notorious for cheating!

  13. I love the ‘Scene it’ games… particularly the Disney one! Because it has lots of different aspects to it =) (And Im really good at this one haha)

    Ordinary ones it has to be monopoly!

  14. My favourite board game is Scrabble and I’m so very competitive ,I hate losing,if it’s a favourite board game with my children then it’s snakes and ladders as only is only three and the other five.I think they would love this game and find it very funny x

  15. The game of life! i’ve loved it since i was little and still get a kick out of ‘collecting’ as many children as possible!

  16. Scrabble, I used to play it with my mum and now with my own children, it’s a calming game! good for winding down before bedtime

  17. I love Escape From Atlantis with all the sea creatures and ever decreasing land mass – I get ridiculously into it! 🙂

  18. Close thing between Ludo and Snakes and Ladders, the only two games I had in the 1950’s. Still have them. Survived being played my children. I now play them with my grandchildren 🙂

  19. Trivial Pursuit, I love playing the Junior Edition with my kids, boards games and games played together is so much fun

  20. We love Trivial Pursuit. We split up into teams of old and young and have a great time trying to show how clever we are!!

  21. At the moment we like the really nasty banker game because although its best to have a strategy you also need a bit of luck so the younger kids can enjoy it too

  22. My favourite game is Trivial Pursuit, I love question games. when I was younger I liked Buckaroo and Kerplunk I used to always win!

  23. We love Trivial Pursuit, we have several different versions and as well as being fun, it is educational 🙂

  24. As a child my fave game(s) were cludo and scrabble. Now as a parent i spend a lot of time playing guess who and junior scrabble 🙂

  25. Game of Life is our family favourite as my Daughter loves it, especially putting the little pegs in the cars!

  26. I love Cluedo, i just like the mystery of it. kids think its a cool game too – daddy always loses lol

  27. At the moment the family all love Ticket to Ride. Its a bit strategic, needs a bit of planning, be prepared to do the dirty on your opponents and is great fun

  28. dreamphone, i love that game alwaysa wanted it as a kid but never got it so have now to play with my own daughter!!!

  29. I love Cluedo my parents and brothers used to sit down on a Sunday afternoon and play together, great fun and not as many arguments as when we play Monopoly.

  30. Scrabble. I don’t like any game of pure chance, prefer ones where I can use my brain and win. Although I don’t always win. I only play my husband as I am a sore loser.
    Kids like anything that’s noisy and or silly 😉

  31. My Daughter recently got Mouse Trap for her Birthday. Its a great game because it is something we can play as a family x

  32. I love scrabble although it is extremely difficult to play with younger children as most of there words contain 3 or 4 letters

  33. Monopoly although I’m growing a fondness for Junior Monopoly as I play with my 5 year old son… He usually wins!!!

  34. I love Monopoly – because all the Family can play and it gets super competitive with lots and lots of interaction

  35. I love monopoly – Its always been my favourite from when I used to play with my brothers although they hated playing it with me – Im lucky now to have a niece who loves it just like me. I have bought articulate for christmas eve as Ive heard thats really good.

  36. I love the Logo game – it’s great fun at parties and mixes fairly easy Qs with very tricky ones!

  37. The great game of britain -my friend and i used to play it over and over and you can be cheeky and clever to beat your opponent excellent I havent seen the game again in years

  38. My fav board game is Monopoly, we love playing it with the kids.
    Fantastic giveaway, my little boy and girl would love this xxx

  39. I love Monopoly. I think it’s cause we always played it when we were kids, even though it always caused arguments!

  40. I love playing pictionary around Christmas time with the whole family as it makes everyone laugh and its fun to play. It also gets really competitive. The children can join in too and can draw better than the adults! (@PeanutHog)

  41. Old fashioned snakes and ladders is my favourite board game because it is based on luck not skill so both children and adults can play it on an equal footing.

  42. We love playing hungry hippos with the girls they get competitive and so funny it’s great family fun

  43. As a kid I always loved playing Mousetrap 🙂
    It was funny to play because both my dad and my sister were so competitive!

  44. My favourite board game is Logo because it tests your knowledge of everyday items you see each day but don’t give much thought to.

  45. chess because i like logic and strategy games – although in the uk its not as popular as other places around the world. my dad taught me to play when I was 3 and by 8 I was able to beat him 😀

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