Olivia May Oxford Styling evening

Olivia May Oxford Styling evening

One of the great things about blogging is becoming part of the community.  I’ve been so lucky over the last 3 years to get to know so many really lovely bloggers, and more recently I’ve become part of the Oxfordshire Bloggers network.  A couple of weeks ago we were invited to the Olivia May Oxford Styling evening in the city centre, hosted within the Olivia May boutique, with a styling session from LisaB Styling.

Olivia May Oxford Styling evening

We were met at the Olivia May boutique in Little Clarendon Street, by the owner, Ann, and you couldn’t fail to be struck by her passion and love for the designers she stocks within her Oxford Store.

Olivia May Oxford Styling evening

Focussing mainly on European designers from France, Germany and the UK the SS16 collections offer romance, layers, soft, muted shades and something a little different. The prices clearly reflect the exclusivity and quality of the designs, and offer something for all shapes and sizes.

Olivia May Oxford Styling evening
photo credit: Live Oxfordshire

I’m normally struck more by bright vibrant peacock blues than softer shades, but I did rather fall under the spell of Les Filles D’ailleurs and Crea Concept. But this particular dress by Out of Xile was calling me, I really liked the layered hem and its reversible.  It would perfect for a wedding.

Out of Xile

We were also treated to a styling session with LisaB Styling, offering advice on colours, shapes and a hundred and one ways to wear a scarf.

LisaB Styling

I don’t know about you, but I have a drawer full of scarves and I rarely wear them. I never know what to do with them, and how to wear them properly.

Well Lisa walked us through a number of different options and you never know, I might actually start dusting off my scarves and wearing them.

Scarf demo Olivia May with LisaB Styling

Something else that interested me was her mentioning that Pear Shaped ladies, yes us, of the small/no boobs, big butt variety, should consider larger, statement piece necklaces. I’ve never considered myself to be particularly stylish, I know what I like and I’ve tended to stick with it. But I’ve always worn necklaces on the ‘daintier’ end of the spectrum. The only time that might not have been the case was during my big shoulder padded ’80’s days, when everything was bigger, brasher and bolder. Those were the days of huge earrings and necklaces and big hair!

So I need to rethink my jewellery maybe. I’ll certainly be thinking about accessorising in more detail in the future.

Now for the really fun part, browsing round the store and trying things on.  I did try the dress on that’s featured above, although the colour was far paler in reality.  I do really like it, the colour, dress length, neckline and sleeve length are all trademark Me!

Here are some other items from the SS16 collection at Olivia May that caught my attention.

Scarf demo Olivia May with LisaB Styling Scarf demo Olivia May with LisaB Styling

It was a thoroughly enjoyable evening, Ann and her team at Olivia May all share a passion for clothing and we were made to feel welcome. For those of you who can’t get to the Oxford store, you can actually buy any of the pieces within the various designer collections direct from the Olivia May website.  I can also offer you a Reader Discount – use DCBlog to receive a 15% discount off the Spring/summer 2016 collections.

Olivia May Oxford

I’m still dreaming about this coat dress from the Olivia May AW15 collection, it may have to join my wardrobe!

Olivia May Coat Dress AW15
photo credit: Bubba Blue and Me

disclaimer:  we were treated to drinks, chocolates and the LisaB Styling session in exchange for an honest review

7 thoughts on “Olivia May Oxford Styling evening

  1. Ooh I’m loving that blue gathered sleeveless dress. Hadn’t spotted that on the website. My issue is not knowing where to wear things. I live in jeans because most places I go I need to be comfortable and not worry about messing things up. Dresses are another matter – they feel like I should be going out to smarter places.

    1. I live in jeans too normally these days. Hard to believe I didn’t even own a pair 15 years ago. But I could see quite a few of their dresses working casually as well as for more formal events. They’ve got some wonderful things on their website. I’m still dreaming about that coat dress.

    2. That blue dress caught my eye as well, and I was disappointed it was the wrong style for me (it looked better on Mary). I should have tried on the dress that was used as an example for what to wear for an hourglass shape but I didn’t just because it was black, silly.

  2. Great to see so many of the lovely pieces from the store in your post, lovely idea. That coat dress really does suit you!

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