One split second

One Split Second – AD sent for review

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I’ve been eagerly awaiting the latest novel from Caroline Bond and One Split Second does not disappoint.  Published through Corvus on 4th June this is another fabulous page-turner.

One split second

An after-prom party should have been an evening to remember, in One Split Second, unfortunately, it turns out to be an evening to remember for all the wrong reasons.  The lives of five friends are turned upside down, literally in a split second when the car they are travelling home in crashes into a wall. Nothing will ever be the same again for the friends, their families and the local community.

Word spreads quickly around the parents of the children who had attended the party.  A late-night crash, who was involved?  It soon becomes clear that some children aren’t answering their phones, and so the story unfolds.

In One Split Second, we learn about friendship, love and lies as we follow the stories of each of the five teenagers and the truth slowly becomes clear.  Each family handle the aftermath of the accident differently as do the children.  Not all of them survive, and those that are left will carry the scars forever.

The characters are believable and you can easily become invested in them and their lives as they face truths that have been hidden and we learn the real truth of how the crash came to happen.  The teenagers have so much to learn about themselves so that they are all able to move forward.  Parents have to learn to let others in and see beyond what they believe to be true.

You can’t help but be drawn into the lives of the characters in this book, It’s a compelling and emotional read and as a parent myself I wonder how on earth I would have coped in any of those parent’s shoes.

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