One World Futbol

One World Futbol

Growing up with a Linesman/Referee as a Dad and a brother who was always playing football, I remember football’s continually being pumped up.  The call from Mum ‘keep it away from the rose bushes!’  Obviously she wanted to protect the flowers but also to protect the ball from the thorns.  How handy would it have been to have a ‘virtually indestructible football’? Well kids these days can have just that, with the One World Futbol.

One World Futbul

The One World Futbol Project has designed a football which will never deflate or pop. No need to invest in a pump – yippee! It’s been specifically designed to withstand rough terrains so that children around the world can enjoy the game without destroying their football.

One World Futbol

One World Futbol Project was inspired whilst Tim Jahnigen was watching news footage about traumatised refugee children in Darfur playing football on dirt, using a ball made by from twine. Tim realised there was a global need for a nearly indestructible ball that could withstand the harsh conditions often faced by young people living in refugee camps, disaster areas and other disadvantaged communities.

There are two sizes available of the One World Futbol, size 4 is the junior size, we received the adult size 5 ball.  Monkey was very excited as he only has a little Thomas football, he was looking forward to a good kick around with his new grown up football.

Our garden is tiny, and really not ideal for playing football, so we packed it up ready for our trip down to Sussex last week.  I knew Tina at The Soup Dragon Says, has a much bigger garden than us, and also we were planning a trip to the beach.  The One World Futbol was going to be put to the test.

One World Futbol

The One World Futbol size 5 football is surprising light at 426g and is made of special cross linked closed cell foam.  Monkey loves it and, even though he;s only 4 and half he copes well with the adult sized ball.

Even a brush with the holly tree didn’t hurt the One World Futbol.  When we recovered the ball from the bush, it had a host of holly leaves stuck in it.  If we’d had a normal football we could have been in big trouble.  But our One World Futbol was fine and ready for more football action.  We’ve been really impressed and I’m sure this football will be seeing plenty of action in the years to come.

The One World Futbol is priced at £33.00, which when you consider how well it’s going to last, is a bargain. It’s also worth noting that for every purchase in the UK a ball will be donated by One World Futbol Project to disadvantaged areas around the world, so children everywhere can enjoy this global game.  You can buy these balls direct from the One World Futbol Project website.

disclaimer:  we were sent this product in exchange for an honest review


8 thoughts on “One World Futbol

  1. They certainty had fun with their mini football game. We think this ball is a great product and pleased it survived our spikey garden!

  2. Does it play like a normal ball too? Could be a perfect present for our nephews who seem to get through footballs really quickly At £15 a pop for a decent one, the £33 would be a bargain

  3. Looks like a great ball! Does this one stop a child from kicking it over the fence though? lol It is a good price considering how long it will last. We go through balls like nothing else.

  4. An indestructible football! I need to get one of these as we have about 5 semi-flat balls in the yarden that the kids moan about every time they play football

  5. This looks like a great football! My son is really getting into it at the moment but cheap balls just don’t last. Will have to look into one. Thanks for linking up to #Playtime

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