One Year Later

One Year Later – AD sent for review

If you’ve read my previous book reviews before then you will know that I’ve been a fan of Sanjida Kay for some time now.  I’ve been eagerly awaiting her latest novel, One Year Later, which was published last month through Corvus.

One Year Later

We meet a family in turmoil in One Year Later as they approach the first anniversary of the death of little Ruby-May.  Her mother, Amy hopes that by taking the family away to an Italian island, that they can pull together, remember her daughter and find some sort of peace.

The little girl had accidentally drowned in her grandfather’s garden pond but who was really looking after her at the time?  All is not what it seems as you read One Year Later from the perspective of Amy and Nick, Amy’s brother.  It’s obvious that Amy and her husband Nick have barely been functioning for the last year.  They need to rebuild their family with their children Theo and Lotte and Matt’s daughter Chloe, from his previous relationship.

Bethany, Amy’s sister had been looking after Lily-May at her father’s house when she needed to take some business calls.  She asked her father to help her whilst she went inside to take the calls.  But when she returns the little girl is found dead in the pond and her grandfather is asleep after drinking a bottle of wine.  When woken he remembers nothing of Bethany asking for his help.

Matt can’t bear to look at his father in law, who has never apologies for his part in Lily-May’s death.  So when Amy decides to book to the trip away, it’s agreed that her father will not be invited. But when Nick turns up at the island villa with their father no one will be able to escape the truth of the actual events from the previous year for long.

There are lots of twists and turns as lies and deceit are uncovered. Why is really to blame for the death of Lily-May?

I thoroughly enjoyed One Year Later and liked reading the story from Amy and Nick’s viewpoints.  I certainly wasn’t expecting the final twist at the end of the story, but I was eager to uncover the truth.

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