Oooops moments with Tena Lights

Oooops moments with Tena Lights

When you are in your twenties you take it for granted that you can run, jump, laugh and sneeze without having any concerns.  When you get to 47, have given birth, and have quite frankly been totally useless at doing pelvic floor exercises, you view life from a very different perspective.  Being asked to accompany your child on a trampoline can strike fear into your heart and god forbid that you catch a cold. We’ve been laughing about our Oooops moments with Tena Lights recently, they even sent me a lovely pamper kit so I could chill out at home.

Oooops moments with Tena Lights

I got to enjoy Pitch Perfect 2, with a glass or two of Proscecco, chocolate and popcorn, all whilst wearing a face mask.  You’ll be relieved to know that I don’t have photographic evidence of that picture to share with you, but I certainly had a giggle or two.

I’ve had quite a few funny Oooops moments over the years, not all I’m sure I’d want to share on the blog.  Daddy P always loves sharing the time I rang him when I was on a girls night out in Oxford, telling him I was lost.  Well where are you?  I’m by a bridge?  Which bridge?  I don’t know, a bridge?  Uuum, Mary, do you know how many bridges there are in Oxford?  At this moment, a friend took my phone and reassured him that I wasn’t lost, hadn’t been abandoned, I’d just walked out of the wrong door of the bar – ooops!

Nowadays my Oooops moments are more likely to involve a slightly weak bladder.  It’s not something that only affects the older generation, it can and does affect so many of us. Unless you can afford private surgery, the chances are you will have to live with it, so Tena Lights are there to help offering great protection and giving us the confidence to just enjoy ourselves.

Tena Lights absorb twice as fast as the normal Ultra Towels, locking in moisture and controlling the odour.  Light bladder weakness effects one in two of us, and I see this as a subject we need to be able to talk openly about.  I for one, can happily jump around on the trampoline and act like a 6 year old now, without having a care in the world.  Can you?

disclaimer:  we were sent the items shown in exchange for this post.  My thoughts still remain my own, honest opinions

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