Ora kitchen towels with a difference

Ora kitchen towels with a difference

My OH is rather obsessed with cleaning – aren’t I the lucky one!  Although I do think he takes his obsession a little too far at times, I like to find him something new to get excited about from time to time.  So when I can across Ora kitchen towels with a difference, I thought it would be just the thing.  Honestly, no computer games needed here,  cleaning products and Daddy P is a happy boy.

Ora kitchen towels with a differenceSo I hear you say?  What an earth is Ora?  Is it a rocket?  That was Monkey’s suggestion.  No.  Ora is a new product from Better All Round, a round kitchen towel, with individual sheets.

Ora kitchen towels with a differenceEven I, the non-cleaning obsession half, was impressed with the fact you can just lift a sheet of Ora from the top of the stack.  No need for all the tearing you normally have to do with a roll.  Daddy P was rather impressed with the absorbency and strength – the Ora kitchen towels don’t tear easily and don’t fall apart when you are clearing up spillages.

Ora kitchen towels with a differenceAs for Monkey’s rocket, it’s the integral recyclable holder, and looks a bit more interesting on the work surface than a normal kitchen roll.  Even Monkey wants to help with the cleaning now!  You get around 100 sheets of Ora per stack, so approximately double the amount you would get with a conventional roll.  Priced at £1.89 Ora kitchen towels with a difference can be found in various Tesco stores.


Now I’m in the good books with Daddy P, I decided to have a little fun with the Ora kitchen towels!  Would I #BakewithOra or #MakewithOra?  Well with Christmas creeping up on me at an alarming rate I decided to #MakewithOra with a Christmas theme.

We now have some snowflakes and an angel complete with halo thanks to Ora kitchen towels with a difference!

What would you make?

disclaimer: we were sent this product for the purpose of review, our comments however remain our own honest opinions.

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  1. If your OH ever fancies coming round to mine to clean he is more than welcome! This looks really interesting and I love the craft things you have done with it too, very imaginative!

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