Organix – a feast of treats

When I was weaning Monkey, what now seems like a lifetime ago, I looked out for brands that offered no-nonsense, good food ideas with no nasties thrown in.  I wanted to ensure that Monkey had the best I could offer. Organix were I brand I discovered and I used their baby rice when Monkey was 5 months old. Their website was full of useful advice and recipes too.  Although I made the vast majority of Monkey’s food myself, I knew I could rely on Organix if needed.

For me personally, Organix and Goodies really came into their own when we started to introduce snacks and finger foods – Rice Cakes, Sweetcorn Rings, Carrot Sticks and the like.  If you’d looked in my changing bag you would always find something from Organix inside.  I love their No Junk Promise, and Monkey loves their snacks.

We were recently sent a hamper full of Organix delights, Monkey was one happy little boy!

OrganixHe spotted the Oaty Bars straight away, they are a firm favourite in this house – the Apricot Soft Oaty Bars were a new flavour for us, and were Monkey’s first choice to taste.

Organix Organix

It was an instant hit, I knew it would be.  One of my NCT friends asked us all at a girls curry night last year, when do you stop giving the kids Organix snacks (we all use them!) and I said then, as long as Monkey eats them, they will be my first choice. End of story.

Next to tempt my little Monkey were the Fruit Gummies and Dried Fruit combinations.

OrganixWe’d actually discovered the Fruit Gummies – Strawberry & Apple and Mango & Apple, when we flew to Spain last October.  I’d been looking for idea for something Monkey could chew on during take off and landings.  These were ideal and a big hit.

Organix Organix

They are full of 100% organic fruit , and as you would expect, they contain no artificial colours or flavours, no added sugar and no hydrogenated fat.

I think most parents with toddlers have a supply of raisins on hand for snack time, we certainly did and Monkey aged 4, still loves them.  These 18g packs of mixed dried fruit are a great idea, fir in my handbag nicely and are great for when we’re out and about.

OrganixI have to be totally honest, I hadn’t tried the Organix ready meals before.  I cooked almost all of Monkey’s meals from scratch from day one, and got him eating the same meals as us as soon as I could.  But I know a lot of people who swear by these Mighty Meals and Soups.  Aimed at children aged 1-3 years, there are a great selection available.

Monkey has tried a couple of these Mighty Meals and Soups, but we’re at the ‘I want everything on my plate separately Mummy and no sauce’ stage right now – so not a massive hit here!  I’ve passed some round to friends with younger children and they’ve been given the big thumbs up.

If you’re looking for food ideas from weaning onwards, then I can recommend Organix and Goodies.  Monkey has grown up on them.

disclaimer:  we were sent the items featured, in return for an honest review.

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