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Our first trip to Red Hot World Buffet – AD invited to review

disclosure:  we received 2 free meals and drinks as part of the Tastemaker programme

You may remember that I recently became a Red Hot World Buffet Tastemaker for 2013-14.  With our wedding anniversary coming up we decided that it would be a great opportunity to go on our first trip to Red Hot World Buffet in Milton Keynes.

I booked our table for last Sunday lunchtime. I decided on an early 12.00 slot (when they open) as my son was coming with us, and I was unsure how he’d react if we walked into a really busy restaurant.  Better to get there when it would be quieter and he could relax in the new environment.

I was really looking forward to my first Tastemaker challenge as I’d heard so many glowing reports of the Red Hot World Buffet restaurants.  I hope that my experience would live up to my expectations!

I’ve been to Milton Keynes (about 40 minutes from us) a million times before, but have never been to the Theatre District where the Red Hot World Buffet is situated.  Knowing Milton Keynes I knew there would be pay and display parking in place (I checked this with a friend too), but we were really lucky and found a 2-hour free area just a few minutes walk away from the restaurant – bonus!

Red Hot World Buffet, Our first trip to Red Hot World Buffet

The Restaurant is on the first floor, there is a lift for disabled access.  We walked in and were the first guests of the day.  This was great, it gave us time to get my son settled before it got busy – and it did get busy.

We were shown to our table by our waitress Cassie, who took our drinks order and explained how Red Hot World Buffet works for us newbies.  There is a set menu price, you basically fill a plate with your chosen starters, eat it, go up for more with a clean plate, your old plate is removed and repeat.  You move on to your main meals and do the same thing, and again with deserts.  Heaven for a piggy like me and Daddy P!  It also means that my son could try a few bits of different things – which I really liked the idea of.

Red Hot World Buffet, Our first trip to Red Hot World Buffet

So where to begin?  There were a wonderful array of fresh starters – we all had different salads …..

Red Hot World Buffet, Our first trip to Red Hot World Buffet

…. my son tried Onion Bhaji for the first time – loved it.  He had some houmous dip with some pasta salad, crispy bread, cucumber, spring onion and popadom.  Daddy P and I both tried various salad combinations – from pasta to green beans, olives, bean sprouts and a potato salad.  We all agreed that our selection was delicious.  I could quite easily just eaten plate loads of starters in fairness, but I was trying to save my self for the mains!

I knew that we would all find something we liked with the main meals.  I love spicy food and am keen to try new things, Daddy P is a bit of meat and 2 veg bloke but is getting better at trying new things and my son will be 4 at the end of the year – so he’s at the I liked it yesterday and today I don’t! stage.

The range extended from Tex-Mex and CharGrill to Pasta and Pizza, on to Chinese Stir Fry, Indian Dancing Wok and Thai.  As we visited on Sunday there was also a Sunday roast option.  If you go to the Red Hot World Buffet website, you can actually see what your nearest restaurant has on the menu!  This gives you the Milton Keynes menu selection.

So I was straight into the Indian/Chinese and Thai food – heaven.  There were 3 types of rice, a couple of noodle dishes and every kind of dish you could imagine.  I had some Lamb Rogan Josh (I never have lamb curry), pilau rice, some noodles, Dal-Makhani (had no idea what that was, so on the plate, it went!), some Thai Green curry with squid and curried vegetables.  I’d go back for more later!

Daddy P started conservatively as I expected – roast beef, Yorkshire pudding, veg and roast potatoes, but he had a small portion so I guessed he might try something else.

My son started with some Chicken Korma, pilau rice and a bit of egg fried rice (not had that before), some fish curry, some veg, noodles, a piece of cheese and tomato pizza and prawn crackers – a right mixture, but that was the whole point.  Introducing him to different things with no pressure.

Red Hot World Buffet, Our first trip to Red Hot World Buffet

As you can see in the Dal-Makhani poster above – it is clearly labelled suitable for Vegetarians.  We are all meat-eaters, but worth knowing.  The Dal was a wonderfully spicy dish with lentils – I really enjoyed it.

Daddy P went on to try the Tex-Mex and Chargrilled selection and actually remarked on how nice it was, a bit of spice but not too much for him to handle.  I might just try that on our next trip.  I went back for more Chinese style food – Sweet and Sour Pork, a Red Thai Curry and Szechuan Chicken and Mushroom.

My little boy had a try of everything on his plate, he really liked the chicken korma, but he loved the pizza.  He felt so comfortable in the restaurant that he decided to drag both of us in turn, to the pizza area to refill his plate.  He certainly ate well.

By this time the restaurant had really filled up – with families, couples, and people of all ages – a really good mix.  There was no pressure to eat quickly, the waitress was attentive but not overly so, and the tables were spaced in a way that we still felt some privacy.

Now my son loves his deserts – something he gets from both of us! He’d spotted ‘CHOCOLATE CAKE’ and was eager to taste some.

Red Hot World Buffet, Our first trip to Red Hot World Buffet

There was a chocolate fountain, a myriad of jellies and ice creams, divine chocolate and pear mousse cake – we all liked that one! Passionfruit cheesecake – my son and I approved, Chocolate and nut brownies – yum and apple crumble and more besides.  We were officially stuffed!

Once you’ve eaten your fill, you just ask your waiter/waitress for the bill.    It’s worth noting that children under 3 years eat for free, and children aged 10 and under eat for half price.  For £11.00 per adult, I think this is a bargain!

We all enjoyed our first trip to Red Hot World Buffet, I certainly enjoyed my first Tastemaker experience, and we look forward to sampling more delights in the future.

Red Hot World Buffet constantly have offers so it’s worth checking them out on Facebook and Twitter for the latest deals.



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