Outdoor fun with Giant Pass the Pigs

Outdoor fun with Giant Pass the Pigs – AD sent for review

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You’ll have to excuse the pun, but I might have squealed with delight when we took receipt of a recent delivery from the guys at Winning Moves.  The sun has returned to the Shire and we’ve been having lots of outdoor fun with Giant Pass the Pigs.

Outdoor fun with Giant Pass the Pigs

I can remember playing the original classic version of this game and now I’ve been able to introduce my son to Pass the Pigs in a whole new interactive way.  The Giant Pass the Pigs game comes with two inflatable pigs, a storage bag, repair kit, pencil and instructions.

Outdoor fun with Giant Pass the Pigs

The instruction booklet also doubles as a multi-page score pad!

Outdoor fun with Giant Pass the Pigs

Outdoor fun with Giant Pass the Pigs is aimed at players aged 6 years and over and can be played with two-four players.  Whether you want to play on the beach, in the park, pool or just in your back garden, this really is a fun game for all the family to play together.

The idea of the game is to throw the two inflatable pigs, see what position they land in which defines the points the player receives.  You want to score as many points as you can in one turn.  Will you play it safe with one throw, or risk everything by throwing more than once before passing the pigs to the next player?  The winner is the player who reaches 100 points first.

Outdoor fun with Giant Pass the Pigs

The youngest player throws first by holding each pig by an ear.  Then you swing your arms and throw them both upwards, with each pig reaching head height for the toss to be legal.

Watch how they land.  Will you have a Sider where both pigs land on the same sides and earn 1 point?  Or maybe you’ll get a Double Trotter worth 20 points, where both pigs end up on all four trotters.  The ultimate throw will see your pigs landing in a Double Jowler with both having their nose, trotter ear to the ground.  This would pocket you 60 points in one go!

But if your pigs land on opposite sides you’ll earn no points at all. Even worse, if when having outdoor fun with Giant Pass the Pigs you throw your pigs and they land in the Making Bacon position where they’re touching – you lose all the points you’ve won so far.  The worse indignity of all though is if your pigs Piggy Back, where one lands on top of the other if this happens then you’re automatically retired from the game.  You can imagine how often my son shouts piggyback every time it’s my turn to throw!

Giant Pass the Pigs

We’ve already had lots of outdoor fun with Giant Pass the Pigs and it’s the sort of game I can see being played for years to come.  Hopefully, we’ll get to share the fun with my son’s best friend soon too.  It’s also a great game to take on holiday as the pigs deflate easily and can be stored and carried around in the carry bag.

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