Ozeri Green Earth Pan

Ozeri Green Earth Pan – AD sent for review

disclosure:  we were sent this product for the purpose of review

These days I’m always cooking something in the kitchen – oh listen to me, the reformed domestic goddess (not so much goddess, more crumpled and stressed out old Mum – but I like to dream).  When two people get together in their 40’s you tend to have double of everything and what you have is often on its last legs!  That was certainly the case when I moved in with Daddy P.  I sorted through our kitchen equipment, mine naturally stayed, his naturally got freecycled.  But even my kitchen items are feeling their age, a bit like their owner.  So I was delighted when a bright apple green frying pan was delivered last week – the Ozeri Green Earth Pan.

Ozeri Green Earth Pan Ozeri Green Earth Pan Ozeri Green Earth Pan







The Ozeri Green Earth Pan claims to be the first truly non-stick frying pan.  It has a GREBLON ceramic coating, contains no heavy metals or chemicals and has a nicely shaped silicone coated handle.  The special coating means that at high temperatures you can be sure that the Ozeri Green Earth Pan will NOT release and toxic chemicals – an eco-friendly frying pan!

I’ve added the 8″/20cm Ozeri Earth Green Pan to my cooking collection.  It has a textured base that aims to create air pockets to distribute heat underneath food to enhance the cooking process.  All sounded good and I LOVE the Apple Green colouring of the pan too.

Only 1/4 of a teaspoon of oil is needed to cook with this pan – so I decided to put it to the omelette test!

(Be warned – excess seasoning can cause oil residue to build up which then causes food to stick – learn something new every day!  I’ve also learnt that rubbing lemon juice or vinegar over the surface of the pan when cleaning, will remove any lingering residue – full of facts today)

Top tip:  You don’t need to heat the pan as high as with other pans as the Ozeri Green Earth Pan is a better conductor of heat and therefore cooks your food faster.  Sounds good, especially with a hungry son to feed!

The verdict – I’m really pleased.  I find the handle on the Ozeri Green Earth Pan really comfortable to hold for starters.  I was worried that the omelette was sticking to start with, but no, it was easy to turn over and hadn’t stuck at all.  I cooked two omelettes and at the end, you can see that the pan is practically as clean as when I started.  A quick clean in soapy water and it was as good as new.

Obviously, as this is only an 8″/20cm pan you do have limitations on what you can cook, but for omelettes and a quick meal for my son and I, it is wonderful.

Priced on Amazon at £24.95 the 8″/20cm Ozeri Green Earth Pan is probably a bit more expensive than I would normally pay.  But actually, I can see this pan lasting, so it does represent good value for money.


8 thoughts on “Ozeri Green Earth Pan – AD sent for review

  1. Great tip about the lemon juice! I didn’t realise excess residue would cause sticking – now I know why my pans stick! I love the colour of this pan and your omelette looks yummy!

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